"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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'Covers the campus like the magnolias'
"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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"Covers the campus like the magnolias"

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A love letter to spring at Wake Forest

The vibrant air of springtime is unmatched on the Reynolda Campus
Evan Harris
“Spring serves as a backdrop for various end-of-year celebrations, from academic recognitions to commencement ceremonies.”

Wake Forest University awakens with a vibrant splendor as spring’s colors and picturesque scenes begin to embellish the campus. Far from the cold and neglectful ambience that winter embodies, spring creates a warm and welcoming embrace that creates the perfect backdrop for students’ academic pursuits and reflections. 

As the magnolia blossoms unfurl and dogwoods paint the landscape with delicate petals, the university breathes in rhythm with the awakening world around it. Spring represents more than just a change in the seasons at Wake Forest; it represents the promise of gentle breezes and bright afternoons. It is a time when academic knowledge and the natural world come together to create a harmonious whole. As a lover of the outdoors, I find that this time of year always brightens my mood and makes my stressful academic workload not as daunting as it is during other seasons.

Although the vibrant scene and mood that spring creates at Wake Forest are reason enough to name it as the best time of the year on campus, the rebirth of the world after a long winter, the return of outdoor activities and the end-of-academic-year celebrations make the season truly unmatched.

Spring weather is unparalleled. It is the perfect combination between summer and fall as the temperatures are mild, like in the fall, but the skies are clear with bright sunshine. As winter relinquishes its hold, the arrival of spring ushers in more than just a change in temperature — it ushers in a shift in the collective mood and energy of the Wake Forest community. The emergence of vibrant blooms and the subtle warmth in the air create an environment conducive to elevated spirits. During the spring,  I feel surges of productivity throughout the day. Unlike during the winter, I am able to study and talk to my friends outside, taking in the rays of sunshine and warmer temperatures.

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Moreover, the mild weather provides the perfect environment for increased outdoor activities, contributing to an increase in physical activity and social interactions. You start to see more people throwing frisbees or playing spikeball on Hearn Plaza. One of my favorite spring activities are the picnics my friends and I organize on Hearn Plaza or at Reynolda Village. The expansive lawns and inviting green spaces become communal gathering points, fostering a sense of camaraderie among students. Whether engaging in impromptu study sessions under the shade of blossoming trees or participating in recreational sports on sunlit afternoons, spring weather is a catalyst for fostering connections and forging friendships. 

Additionally, many of my favorite events take place during spring at Wake Forest. One that immediately comes to mind is Wakeville — a student-led showcase and arts festival connecting all the art departments with each other and the rest of campus. Various dance groups, performers, bands and artists reveal to the student body all their hard work and incredible talents.

Thanks to the warm weather, many students also take trips with their friends to the beach or even the mountains. Some friends and I decided to go to Boonville, N.C., last spring semester, and it was the perfect getaway to destress from our workload and see the picturesque scenery. At the same time, the excitement for “beach weekend” is heightened, compared to mountain weekend in the fall. These are weekend trips organized by the Wake Forest fraternities, during which its members and selected attendees partake in many social and outdoor events. So as you can see, the spring season at Wake Forest is filled with engaging activities and events.    

As the academic year draws to a close, the energy on campus becomes charged with a mix of accomplishment and anticipation for the future. Spring serves as a backdrop for various end-of-year celebrations, from academic recognitions to commencement ceremonies. These events contribute to a collective sense of achievement and pride, elevating the overall morale of the university community. The transition from rigorous academic pursuits to celebratory occasions during spring encapsulates the diverse dimensions of the university experience, further enhancing the positive atmosphere that permeates the campus. 

Spring at Wake Forest is not merely a seasonal change but a transformative time that molds the energy of the university community. It is a time when the natural beauty of the surroundings converges with academic endeavors, fostering an environment in which the pursuit of knowledge seamlessly intertwines with the joy of communal existence. As the university community basks in the rejuvenating embrace of spring, the collective spirit soars, creating an atmosphere where inspiration, connection and achievement flourish.

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