New lounge party policy is harmful

New lounge party policy is harmful

This semester, Wake Forest administration introduced new policies regarding fraternity parties.

The editorial board of the Old Gold & Black believes that it is important to make parties as safe as possible for all students.

However, we believe that the new measures the university has introduced may undermine the overall aim of the changes.

According to new policy, solo cups must be clear, fraternity brothers must go through more training on drinking safety, IDs are checked to decrease underage drinking, brothers must wear shirts that show they are not drinking, food and water must be available and fraternity lounge tours are required.

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We believe parts of the new policy such as increased training and making food and water available are positive additions, but we believe others may do the opposite of their intended effect.

Though there is no foolproof way to ensure that all students are responsible and look out for others, restricting fraternity parties in an attempt to make them more safe may backfire.

Making rules stricter for fraternity events could cause more organizations to host parties off campus, and there is a much higher danger of students returning safely after drinking at a party.

Generally, more students are written up walking back from parties than while on campus, but these new rules advance the notion that drinking on campus puts students at risk of being cited.

We believe that measures such as clear solo cups, checking IDs and requiring brothers to wear special shirts to indicate they are not drinking should be reconsidered.

These measures are very difficult for WFUPD to enforce, and they could have the unintended effect of moving more parties off campus.

We believe university administration should consider policy that supports safe drinking rather than punishes drinking in general.

Simply making drinking harder will not discourage it. It is more important to create resources that students may take advantage of without fear of consequences.

The policies should be focused on making drinking on campus safer for students, not on making students less safe while circumventing the rules.

Underage drinking is a reality of college, and attempts to eliminate it will have the dangerous effect of making student leave campus to attend more parties in less safe, less controlled areas.

Too many regulations will push parties away from campus because it is easier and less regulated, but is ultimately not what is best for the students and for the school.

In an effort not to discourage on campus parties, the new regulations should be reconsidered to determine if they are truly beneficial.

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