Fall fashion in the forest

Fall fashion in the forest

As the days grow shorter and chillier, swap sundresses and shorts for stockings and sweaters.

Fall is here; leaves are falling from the trees, Starbucks is serving pumpkin spice lattes, and cooler temperatures are coming, so you should dress accordingly. 

Women’s Fashion

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Ladies first! As many of you are aware, the summer was all about wearing sundresses with bright floral, paisley or damask patterns. Sandals with more strings and straps were the appropriate and complementary footwear. Straps provide a more “natural” appearance than simple sandals like Birkenstocks.

However, no one wants cold feet. So for fall, trade open-toe shoes, like sandals, for ankle booties with a heel.

And no summer sunshine means no sundresses. Jeans and pants are the normal leg wear for cooler temperatures, but this fall try showcasing leggings or a skirt with stockings.

Naturally, long sleeve shirts take over T-shirts when the temperature changes. This fall, wear basic long sleeves shirts without a large emblem to let the outfit make the statement rather than the designs on the clothing.

In addition, handbags are a suitable choice of transporting school necessities. Handbags convey a more mature look than generic backpacks.

Men’s Fashion

Summer attire for guys on campus seems rather straightforward — baseball hat, polo shirt, belt and shorts — and sometimes, the more southern and preppy, the better. Wake Forest men’s fashion is often about showcasing popular brands, but this fall is about “dropping the logos.” Clothes do not need a name-brand logo on them to considered fashionable.

Despite campus being nowhere near a major body of water, boat shoes are as popular as athletic shoes. Now that it’s fall, it’s time to upgrade to bucks or derby shoes, and leave the athletic shoes to fitness-related activities. 

“Fashion is like eating,” said Kenzō Takada, a Japanese-French fashion designer. “You shouldn’t stick to the same menu.”

As the leaves fall from the trees around campus, turn over a new one and a new style this fall.

Sweaters and crewnecks will return in this year’s fall attire to provide a classic and preppy look. Buttons-ups will start to replace T-shirts, and half-zips will make an appearance in darker shades.

Exotic colors should begin to fade out as fall comes, and darker shades will start to take their place. Patterns will also be made of darker colors, and stripes and simple plaid are the best patterns for this upcoming season. Of course, the Burberry check pattern is always acceptable. These patterns project an outgoing style while still remaining conservative and classy.

With fall attire shifting to darker shades, white is a perfect complementary piece, whether it be in the form of white shoes or an undershirt.

“Whether paired with dress pants, a skirt, or jeans, this item [a classic white shirt] is always polished and sophisticated,” said Tim Gunn, renowned fashion consultant. 

“Just be mindful of the proper clothing maintenance.”

Booties and derby shoes, however, do not have to be white, and scarves can provide an outfit with a “pop” of more color.

Overall, oversized brand labels and logos will fade out this fall.

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels,” said designer Ralph Lauren. “It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”

Whatever you wear, be confident in in it, because in reality you’re just dressing for yourself.

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