The added length to future fall breaks is a good start

The added length to future fall breaks is a good start

Students at Wake Forest deserve more than just one day off for Fall Break. This year, students only get Friday off, but there is an instrumental change to the Academic Calendar for 2017-2018.

Next year, Fall Break will consist of no classes Thursday nor Friday.

Students work extremely hard towards academic success and balancing extracurricular activities.

Other schools, like High Point, have an entire week off during Fall Break while Duke gets two days off. The change to Fall Break is a good thing.

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Many students already do not have Friday classes, so for them, Fall Break is just another weekend. This one day off does not adequately compensate for the necessary time off students need, so this additional day off is much needed. Fall Break should give students the break that they need and want.

However, this change is only a start to what students and professors deserve. Students and professors do not even have Labor Day off, a national holiday, while public universities are required to cancel classes.

At Wake Forest during Labor Day, many of the administrative offices are closed, yet students and professors still have class.

While Wake Forest is a private university and does not technically have to abide by national holidays, it would be beneficial for students to have Labor Day and even another day off at Fall Break and Thanksgiving.

While Wake Forest is not required to take Labor Day off, that does not mean that Wake Forest should not do it — what you should do does not necessarily correlate to what you have to do.

There is a lot of talk and multiple initiatives surrounding stress and mental health with Wake Forest and with college in general, and another day off would help alleviate some of the stress students are under.

Campuses should be doing everything possible to limit the amount of stress and angst students endure during the school year.

One solution for this is to grant students more down-time to take a break from the hecticness that consumes Wake Forest, which the university has taken a step towards.

We, the editors of the Old Gold & Black, believe that Wake Forest has made progress in finding solutions to the stress-filled lives of Wake Forest students.

While there is still more to be done, we are glad that the university has recognized the issue and added a day of fall break.

Students, professors and faculty all deserve an extra day to unwind and de-stress before picking up with  the rest of the semester.

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    Farmer DonOct 24, 2016 at 3:40 pm

    Am I to believe the process is more “stressful” than it was when I was an undergraduate at UNC and in law School at Wake Forest or that students are now more fragile or a combination? At neither place did I see or hear of the degree of distress you describe. Classes 6 days a week were the norm, except for the 3rd year of law school.

    What percent of students do you believe you speak for?

    Don Dotson, JD ’68