Deacon Compliments changed campus attitude

Deacon Compliments changed campus attitude

The Wake Forest community has been fragmented the past few weeks due to a variety of factors, most notably the 2016 presidential election.

With the end of the election last week, students are divided with their support for president-elect Donald Trump, for Hillary Clinton or one of the third party candidates.

A lot of negativity has been circulating campus as a result of the election, but last weekend, the tone changed. Deacon Compliments, a Facebook page posting compliments anonymously, made its way around the student body.

The page accepts submissions for compliments during the weekend of World Peace Day and the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. The timing for the page to come back to action could not have been timed better.

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During a time where negativity and anxiety has filled campus, Deacon Compliments has changed the mood on Facebook and amongst the student body. After the election, many students took to Facebook to express their disappointment on the election results.  Students were blasted with numerous posts.

However, Deacon Compliments flooded people’s newsfeeds with kind and thoughtful words. The page asked for submissions from the student body to compliment a person on campus anonymously.

Many students had nice things said about them and were flattered by the compliments.

The editors of the Old Gold & Black commend those who run the Facebook page for bringing positivity to the Wake Forest community. In a time where many are upset and down, this page has brought happiness and an optimistic tone to Facebook and the students.

This type of attitude needs to be extended beyond World Peace Day and Valentine’s Day. This positivity should happen all of the time.

Students get busy and stressed, but a compliment here and there does make a difference in our lives.

We are proud to go to a school where students can come together to commend one another and express their gratitude for their friends and other students even though the past weeks have been rough and rather intense.

Extending kindness to one another should not be a rarity; it should be a habit for all to exercise on a daily basis.

Deacon Compliments is a great start and push to shift the dynamic on campus to one of sadness and hurt to a more positive and productive environment. We should always be lifting those who are down and come together to support each and every person in the Wake Forest community.

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