Editorial board welcomes diverse viewpoints

Editorial board welcomes diverse viewpoints

The Old Gold & Black, as a student-run, independent newspaper, is a medium for Wake Forest students to share their pieces with the Wake Forest community, whether it be of their own opinion or for another section.

As an independent publication, we accept and encourage any and every student to consider writing and submitting pieces for the Old Gold & Black, no matter the author’s stance on the topic in which he or she is writing.

Wake Forest is full of students from all walks of life, and we value the variety of viewpoints and opinions found among the student body on this campus.

While we may not agree with every piece submitted, it is our duty as an independent newspaper to give students of the Wake Forest community an avenue to express their views and share their articles.

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As evident in the past year with the 2016 presidential election, we are not a homogeneous community; however, that is one of the valuable things that makes Wake Forest the school that it is today. Students come to Wake Forest from all over the country, and from places located far outside of the U.S.

What makes Wake Forest a unique and diverse place is the variety of upbringings each student has had in their lives. With this, students have many differing views on political, social and economic issues. This is not a bad thing; rather, it offers a community where we can discuss and express views from numerous vantage points.

We want to, and are happy to, publish pieces that reflect views that span all sides of the spectrum, whether they are left-leaning, moderate or right-leaning. Part of our job, as the university’s only official student-run news outlet, is to be representative of the entire student body and publish what students submit to us.

While we want to publish each piece that is submitted to us, we must use judgment in not publishing ones that target or slander any student, group or segment of the population.

We want to be respectful towards the writer while also being respectful and mindful of those who read the paper. We ask that our writers do the same.Yet, that does not mean we won’t publish content strictly because we disagree with the author’s stance. That’s not our goal, nor our purpose.

We want to once again remind our campus community that pieces that are published in the Opinion section are not reflections of the Editorial Staff as a whole nor in any way endorsed by our staff. Any and all articles in that section are solely the views of the particular writer, even if they are written by one of the members on our staff.

We value differing viewpoints and encourage students to submit pieces in which they are passionate. Yet, we hold our newspaper content to a high standard and we also expect that those who chose to use us as an outlet uphold this high ethical standard.

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    Drew CullerApr 22, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    “While we want to publish each piece that is submitted to us, we must use judgment in not publishing ones that target or slander any student, group or segment of the population,” but we will give a platform to a white man with a blatantly unsupported claim about race, which insinuates that people of color are lazy and unwilling to succeed. Diverse viewpoints are always important. Publishing pieces of bias and discrimination that continues to hurt people of color is revolting.