New Take Two Asian American Fusion disappoints

New Take Two Asian American Fusion disappoints

At the start of the new school year, Wake Forest Dining unveiled many new changes to the Demon Deacon dining experience.

Most of the changes involved increasing the student’s ability to choose their flavors and customize their food to their liking.

In the Pit, a newly renovated pasta station now allows students to customize their carbo-loaded lunches and dinners with more add-ons and new, exciting types of pastas. Next door, there is also a new pizza station. Here, students can make their own flatbread pizzas, although very few students have been seen doing this. The salad bar also boasts a number of new additions, including an improved selection of salad items, constant supply of smoothies, a spice bar and a hot tea station.

However, the Editorial Board of the Old Gold & Black feels that the most shocking and controversial change to Wake Forest dining was the ousting of Boar’s Head as the Take Two option in Benson. Instead, a new Asian American Fusion station has taken its place. Overall, our Editorial Board had highly negative responses to tis change. While it’s wonderful to get a more diverse offering of foods on campus and increase representation for our fellow peers who hail from other countries, the execution of the the Asian food has been atrocious.

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The word “authentic” has not been used in any description of the new food. We feel that it tastes fake and mass-produced, and several classic Asian staples fail to meet the relatively normal standards of Wake Forest’s tastebuds. The fried rice lacked many fundamental elements — several vegetables, fried egg and flavor. We found the chow mein to mushy and required packets upon packets of soy sauce. Similarly, the chicken curry did not seem to have a lot of curry in it.

This poor food has left us craving our former go-to Boar’s Head sandwiches that we would enjoy while we workedon the paper on Wednesday nights. There’s something about Boar’s Head that Subway just cannot fulfill. Maybe it’s that Boar’s Head uses slices of bread from actual loaves of bread. Or it could be that Boar’s Head offers a better selection of deli meats and vegetables.

We believe the same goes for the Pit, which we think was Boar’s Head’s most similar competitor. While they offer almost a similar selection, there are not the same staples that Boar’s Head has. The Pit sandwich station consistently runs out of ciabatta bread by lunch and they don’t always have hummus, pesto, or chipotle mayo. Yet our main concerns are there are no bags of chips to save for later and students have to take their lives into their own hands by having the dangerous responsibility of toasting their own sandwiches on a panini press. No student is going to waste a Pit swipe for just a sandwich or wrap. Plus, students cannot enjoy a Pit sandwich anywhere but the Pit (unless they slyly sneak out an entire sandwich). There was also something special about the warm and rushed way the Boar’s Head workers asked if you wanted your sandwich to go.

We feel that if there was a comparable sandwich place on campus or if the Asian food was actually decent, maybe we would be in more support of the new Take Two.   

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