Deacon Horoscopes

Deacon Horoscopes


The stars have romantically aligned for you this week, fire sign. While waiting for your penne in the pasta line, you may suddenly find yourself striking up a flirty conversation with another carbs lover.


Although your spring break trip was filled with drama, be careful when you gossip with your new “froomie.” You never know who will be sitting near you at the Pit or in line behind you at the P.O.D.

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During work study this week, it’s time for you to finally get to know your coworkers. As an air sign, you are sure to enjoy the light-hearted conversation during your shift.


This week, shake things up with a study session in Farrell Hall. Despite the fact that you are not in the Business school, the professional ambience, bagels and natural lighting will give you a much-needed creative boost.


Although you can barely remember what you learned in HES 100 your first year, it may be time to look back at those powerpoints. Practice some much needed selfcare this week with a balanced diet and run in Reynolda Gardens.


Your week-long lucky streak has begun. Whether you get one of the heavily sought-after 5th floor ZSR seats, an extra bag of chips from the vending machine or the last of the 336 Market sushi, take advantage of the universe’s good grace.


Even though you are still dreaming of the tropical drinks enjoyed over break, don’t spend your lacking food dollars on a Forest Green smoothie that’ll make you late to class. Wait for the weekend and hit up the more economical Juice Shop instead.


Although you’ve already written a formidable number of papers during your college career, take a chance and stop by the reference desk with research questions. You never know what you will learn, or who you will meet.


While you usually wait in the Starbucks line for your caffeine fix, it’s time to treat yourself. Make your way to Campus Grounds, and order one of their specialty drinks.


Although you swore to never go out on a weekday again, Last Resort is calling your name tonight. Find a group of friends, turn on your “pump up” playlist and make sure you arrive no earlier than midnight.


Happy birth month, Aquarius! To celebrate, make this the week to try new things. Wake up early before class to grab breakfast, take a group fitness class at Reynolds Gym, try a new order at Moe’s or head up to the OGB office and help with edits.


After trying to curb the late-night munchies in preparation for spring break, it’s time to embrace your cravings. When everything else on campus has closed, make your way to Zick’s or Subway for a satisfying late-night meal.

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