Photo Courtesy of Morgan Briggs
Photo Courtesy of Morgan Briggs

Deacon Profile: Morgan Briggs

Morgan Briggs is a junior double majoring in Business & Enterprise Management and Religion. She is a former member of the Wake Forest women’s soccer team who loves singing and is incredibly involved in many aspects on campus.

Among numerous other things, Morgan has served as an RA, a President’s Aide and a member of the Honor and Ethics council.

It seems that almost all of campus knows you for your involvement in one aspect or another. Could you describe all that you’re involved in?

This question is too kind (definitely not the case) but I try to maintain a balance by being involved in different things that allow me to practice different types of thinking and communication skills, etc. I love being involved with Pro Humanitate Institute (PHI) and Campus Kitchen, along with remaining involved with faith organizations like Athletes in Action (AIA) and Wake Forest Catholic Community (WFCC). Being an RA, a President’s Aide and a member of the Honor and Ethics council are also two very important roles to me. I like to consider myself a fully-operating customer of Campus Grounds in the meantime and a musician, as well.

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Do you have a favorite club or organization you’re involved in?

I love all of the variety of ways to get involved at Wake Forest. The organization that is nearest to my heart is Campus Kitchen. Campus Kitchen fully recognizes the food desert that is within a two mile radius of our campus. Rather than simply discussing the severity of the problem, Campus Kitchen truly takes the initiative in creating a place where students, like me, can work diligently and with care to narrow the issue of food insufficiency in Winston-Salem. I have developed so many amazing relationships and skills through this organization.

What advice would you give to students trying to find activities outside of classes, or trying to balance a full plate?

I think the biggest piece of advice I have learned while being at Wake is that having multiple passions is extremely conducive to developing who you are as a person. There are always calls to narrow down a major or narrow down interests so that it shows consistency, but finding ways in which all your passions intersect across different disciplines is something I have loved to discover. I am able to work on a farm and write a paper about the importance of urban farming, while conducting the researching skills from both of my majors and speaking with others about the importance of the things I research. Liberal arts education … truly the best.

As a student who has succeeded athletically, musically and academically, as well as being someone who interacts with such a wide range of people on campus, do you feel you have a unique perspective on the student experience at Wake Forest?

I do not feel as though my perspective is any more unique than any other student’s. However, I am fortunate to interact with students from all different backgrounds and interests. It has been amazing to see how many times people I meet from one side of campus or one organization are also heavily involved in another organization that I am passionate about. Perhaps the perspective has been being able to see how our campus body is truly one filled with great passion that intersects many different avenues of campus life.

How has your experience being in a wheelchair given you a new perspective on the problem of handicap accessibility on campus? Is this still something you’re an advocate for?

Being in a motorized scooter/crutches for over half of my time at Wake Forest has truly made me develop empathy for those who go everyday in that sort of situation. I cannot fathom the difficulty they must face, and I wanted to do my part to fight for those who were not as fortunate as me, those who could never walk again.

I created a documentary of campus, and have already seen some incredible responses: handicap buttons being fixed and possibly adding ramps in different areas. I have tried to do my best to serve as a liaison to the Disabilty Services Office, and I will return to this role once my new hip Mabel and I get back in the rhythm of things this April.

What are your plans for this summer and after graduation?

I will be working for Corning Inc, this summer for the Strategy and Market Intelligence Department, and after graduation I hope to pursue a Masters/PhD in data science.

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