Expectations for the Incoming Class of 2022

Expectations for the Incoming Class of 2022

With campus days this month — one last week and one this week — and acceptance letters sent out last month, the class of 2022 is almost solidified.

Prospective students have just under two weeks to officially decide if they want to attend Wake Forest. While they have a tough decision on their hands, Wake Forest also had a tough decision choosing who to admit.

We hope that the new class will enrich the student body at Wake Forest in a variety of ways. We hope to see students from across the world bringing a variety of cultural influences from different backgrounds so to further enrich the Wake Forest community as a place to learn new things and challenge ideas.

This senior high school class in particular has made headlines across the country, particularly with the aftermath of the Parkland shooting and many students participating in walkouts in March.

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We hope that the class of 2022 speaks up and is vocal about their views, regardless of political affiliation, when they come to campus in the fall.

It is important that students, especially underclassmen, fight for what they believe in. We encourage this of all prospective students and hope that underclassmen feel comfortable doing so once they arrive on campus in the fall.

Moreover, national news and politics have been increasingly prevalent on high school and college campuses, so it is even more important that the “Wake Forest bubble” is popped and that we all engage in the outside world.

This can be achieved by students paying more attention to local and national news sources and ensuring that they are educated voters when they arrive at the polls.

Additionally, we hope that the new freshman class embodies a variety of personalities and interests.

Wake Forest is often criticized for having a “cookie cutter” type of student, so we encourage the new class to remain true to themselves and overcome this stereotype.

Adjusting to college is hard; it is a challenge to go to a new place, meet new people and be away from home. But we believe that those coming to Wake Forest have the ability to do well here and succeed without restriction. They would not have been admitted here if this were not true.

The incoming class has the potential to do great things at Wake Forest. The editorial board of the Old Gold & Black hopes that, with each graduating class, the following freshman continue to enhance the campus community through new thoughts, ideas and approaches.

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