Fun Things To Do On The Quad

Fun Things To Do On The Quad

While class may be back in session, the warm summer weather has yet to disappear. With fall moving in fast, time outside could soon become limited. It’s time to take advantage of Wake Forest’s campus and do one of the following fun things on the quad.

1. Picnicking

On especially beautiful days, having a picnic outside is at the top my list of things to do. However, there are multiple ways to go about planning your picnic depending on your level of cooking skill and the amount of time you have to plan.

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I am not a very good cook and I rarely have time to plan what I am going to eat in advance, so this is my preferred picnic method. I always enjoy grabbing a quick meal at Benson and heading out to the quad to either scout out a table or, if I planned slightly in advance, I grab my picnic blanket and find a nice shady spot on the field. However, if you or your friends have extra time and supplies, you could also pack some sandwiches, chips and soda in a bag and take it out to the quad to have a more traditional picnic.

2. Playing Frisbee

Everyone has played frisbee at least once in their life and whether you play ultimate frisbee on the weekends or you just enjoy throwing it with friends, taking a trip to the quad to talk and play is always a great option.

The rules to Ultimate Frisbee are simple: players must divide in to two teams and line up along their end zone line and the defense will throw the frisbee to the offensive team. The offensive team can pass the frisbee back and forth between teammates in an attempt to score. However, if the frisbee goes out of bounds or is dropped then the defensive team takes the frisbee. Granted, you don’t have to play by the rules, but if you wanted to try it out maybe you could join the club team.

3. Taking Pictures With Friends

Let’s face it, almost everyone has at least one form of social media, and anyone with social media knows that you need to have lots of artsy pictures. Now that we’re back in school it’s time to flood all platforms with back to school pictures featuring Wait Chapel and all of your best friends.

I suggest going in to your group chats and planning a time and date to take pictures on the quad. To get the best aesthetic, plan to go either early in the morning or later in the afternoon. This will give your pictures some ideal lighting. Also, make sure everyone in the photo is placed slightly off center. With these tips, your friend group will be able to have a fun photo shoot on the quad. 

By the end of the photo shoot, you will have lots of funny, candid and artsy pictures of your friend group. Everyone will be able to post them throughout the year, even when the weather gets colder.

4. Playing With Pets

Many pet owners enjoy taking their animals out onto the quad to get a little fresh air and exercise after a long day of classes. Oftentimes you can see them playing fetch near Wait Chapel or just on a walk to get something to eat.

If you ask the owners, they will usually let you pet their fluffy dogs and sometimes you may even see the occasional cat on a leash running around campus. Also, bonding over animals is a great way to meet people and make new friends. If you have a pet, I recommend playing with it on the quad and if you are missing your pets from home, you don’t have to go far to find a new furry friend.

5. Spikeball

For those who have never heard of this game, Spikeball is a four-player game that is played in teams of two. Each round begins with one player serving the ball onto the net and the opposing team has three touches to send the ball back onto the net and back at their opponent.

The game is a great way to bond with friends. “I like playing [Spikeball] because it’s a great way to combine a fun, easy, social game that also requires a lot of skill and competition,” said sophomore Nick Rondeau.

While you are able to play in any weather, I recommend taking advantage of the warmer months and grabbing some friends to play.

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