Pro Humanitate Must Be Present While Volunteering

“Pro Humanitate” Must Be Present While Volunteering

Under the “basics” section of Wake Forest’s “about” page, the motto is clearly listed as “Pro Humanitate,” or “For Humanity.” This idea, although simply stated, encompasses an important force behind many of the traditions we hold dear on campus.

Hit the Bricks, Campus Kitchen, Wake n’ Shake and Project Pumpkin are only a few of the many activities that are founded in the idea of “Pro Humanitate,” as well as which come to define a student’s experience at the university.

However,¬† our motto is often viewed as a way to hang out with friends or add a volunteering experience to one’s resum√©, and the more meaningful elements of philanthropic events can often be forgotten or undermined.

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As Project Pumpkin’s 30th festival is approaching on Oct. 24, the staff of the Old Gold & Black wants to remind students to be cognizant of the benefits that the event brings to both our campus and the Winston-Salem community. Similarly, it is important that students keep the motto of “Pro Humanitate” in mind whenever they are volunteering.

Along similar lines, students should both enjoy themselves and be aware of the element of service when participating in philanthropy.

With Project Pumpkin being comprised of candy, games and a haunted house, it can be easy to get caught up in the fun. The same can be said for events like Wake n’ Shake and Hit the Bricks. However, students need to place as much value on the fact that the event is a space for kids from all neighborhoods of Winston-Salem to have an enjoyable Halloween experience. Striking a balance between these two ideas is key to understanding the idea of “Pro Humanitate.”

At its root, Project Pumpkin is directly invested in the missions of our university’s motto. It is an event in which individuals from all different walks of life are able to come together for a universally beneficial service event.

Whether it is your first year participating or you are a veteran escort, take the time to truly reflect on the ways that “Pro Humanitate” is a foundational element of Project Pumpkin and its goals. While walking around the quad with a group of kids or working the haunted house in Davis, reflect on the impacts that these simple tasks have on yourself and the greater community.

Wake Forest has always placed value on its philanthropic traditions. Thus, it is imperative that us students continue to both reflect and act on the meaningful motto of “Pro Humanitate.”

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