Deacon Dining Should Go Back To Basics

Deacon Dining Should Go Back To Basics

This semester, Deacon Dining has unveiled some new and ambitious food items in the Pit — such as UpDog Kombucha on tap, Krispy Kreme burgers and vegan pumpkin porridge.

The Editorial Board of the Old Gold & Black applauds the Deacon Dining team for its creativity with respect to the menu. We are also deeply cognizant of the hard work that running a college dining facility requires.

However, we would offer some constructive feedback to those designing the Pit’s menus. While keeping food options fresh and interesting is an important priority, we also believe that high-quality, consistent options should be reliably available to students at the Pit.

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For example, several of us would prefer that the Deacon Dining staff prioritize perfecting staple menu items before other, more ambitious and unusual items. For example, we would rather be able to consistently be able to get a good piece of grilled chicken or have something other than rice and green beans at the vegan station.

While enjoying a unique food options can be a nice break from the monotony that sometimes accompanies the average campus dining experience, there is also value in knowing that some of the most popular items in the Pit will be readily available and consistently prepared.

Again, we do not intend to impugn the quality of the Deacon Dining offerings or the Deacon Dining staff. We know how hard the Deacon Dining staff work every day to provide the campus community with tasty, healthy food every day. Rather, we know that certain foods in the Pit have become something that students really enjoy and expect to be able to find when they swipe in.

Creativity in dining options, particularly creativity that pays homage to local cuisine or the traditions of an unfamiliar cultures, does have a place in Wake Forest dining halls. However, consistency also has its place, and students would benefit from knowing, when they swipe into the Pit, that they are guaranteed a favorite and familar meal.

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