Stunna 4 Vegas Releases His Junior Album

Stunna 4 Vegas Releases His Junior Album

Stunna 4 Vegas’s RICH YOUNGIN feels like an abundant waste of time. Though the album is only around 29-minutes in length, which is a refreshingly short runtime, each song drags so long that it feels like an hour-long project. There is scarcely an entertaining flow or original beat on the album. Stunna’s callouts and grunting at the beginning of most of the songs feels directly ripped off from the edgy and bombastic energy of recently famous rapper, Comethazine. 

Stunna is not the only one treading on familiar ground, though. Offset’s feature on “UP THE SMOKE” is very entertaining and offers a reprieve from Stunna’s tiresome vocals. Unfortunately, Offset’s flow feels directly ripped from his song “How did I get Here?”, the second track on his 2019 album FATHER OF 4. Though this is not the biggest gripe in the world, the laziness coming from both Stunna and his collaborators is rather disappointing, and ultimately holds back the project.

The content on this album is the relative familiar fare for the typical rapper: flexing the braggadocious lifestyle, women and men drooling over Stunna’s meteoric rise to fame and a fair share of threats towards those that do not approve of Stunna’s lifestyle. Though it’s not a unique subject, most rappers are able to add their own unique flare, something that Stunna very much fails to do.

It is quite ironic that Dababy and Lil Baby have features on RICH YOUNGIN, considering the criticisms that both artists have received for choosing repetitive beats and using the same vocals/flow. Stunna seems to have become afflicted with the same bad habit. He attempts to bring life to his songs by yelling and having a moderately engaging flow, but the style quickly loses all of its momentum. 

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“4 Hunnid,” the last song of the project, perfectly embodie this album’s lack of impact. The song is completely forgettable, has no memorable beat or fun lines and does not feel like the last track of an album. An album should go out with a bang, but “4 Hunnid” is perhaps the farthest thing from a ‘banger’ as possible. 

It’s quite a mystery as to who this album is for, because it isn’t energetic or catchy enough to be a club or party hit, and it isn’t particularly original or lyrically unique for a genuine listening experience. So it’s honestly a disappointment in all respects. At this point, it’s difficult to say what Stunna’s defining trait as an artist is. 

There are a few rare lines that echo the same positive lyrical flavor of a rap legend like Gucci Mane. One of the better lines is “Got more drip on my wrist, it’s the Ice-age.” No one is expecting Shakespearan level writing from Stunna 4 Vegas, but it seems that some tough love is necessary. Stunna should take a break for a while and really think about what motivates him to make music. It’s very difficult to recommend this album to anyone. It is a strong 4/10. Maybe just listen to “UP THE SMOKE” and “RUSSIAN” instead.

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