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Spend quality time with your sister

To all the sisters out there:

Make the most of your relationship because you will have each other for the rest of your lives.

Whether or not you consider her your best friend is up to you, but it will be hard to find someone who can offer the same amount of constant support, loyalty and care that she can. Know too, that it’s okay to call her your best friend, since the bond between you girls can’t be beat; your blood is the same.

Having a sister that is also a best friend is one of the most rewarding feelings. Sisters don’t generally consider each other best friends, but this fortunately isn’t the case for me.

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Yes, it is not unusual for us to fight, pull each other’s hair or scream our loudest at each other. But in the end, there is no getting rid of a sister, so why not make the most of each other’s presence? Fighting with a friend is different, as you can drop her as easily as you drop your iPhone.

There is an escape and life moves on.

You lose one friend amongst your 1,734 Facebook friends?

You still have 1,733 “friends” and the rest of the world to become close to.

But a sister? It isn’t the same. First off, you only have so many sisters — I have just one. Fights are inevitable and part of relationships, but the ones between you and your sister will dampen one relationship you really can’t get out of. You’ll each go separate ways to cool down but end up having to come back together soon after. There is no dropping a sister; she is irreplaceable. Stay on good terms with her, as she will always be there to show you off, fight for you or brighten your day.

My sister, Kristy, and I are a special case because we have one of the closest relationships our friends and family members know of. I can’t recall a day that I do not speak with my sister. Almost everything we engage in, everywhere we go and anyone we know brings us together.

We share the same friends, obsession with food, interest in exercising and surfing, most opinions and even the same college. Whether I am upset or thrilled about something, Kristy is the first person I go to because I know that I can talk to her about everything and anything since she is my No. 1 fan.

We unintentionally make the most out of our forced relationship, and life without her is unimaginable.

A sister allows you to have constant support, advice, information, help, fun, company, laughter and love. The list goes on. How much more could you ask for?

If on good terms, she’ll bring out the most in you and give you that extra confidence boost to make you feel comfortable in all situations!

There isn’t a relationship more meaningful, close, constant and loyal than a sister. Take advantage of having her continual presence in your life. Ask her for advice, have movie nights, laugh about stupid things, cook yummy meals, go for joy rides, cry with Ben & Jerry’s in hand and gossip with her because she will be the most loyal and longest relationship you will ever have in life.

As everyone says, blood is thicker than water. Take this to heart and know that no friendship can ever emulate the connection between a girl and her sister.

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