Bernie Sanders Officially Ends Presidential Campaign And Endorses Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders Officially Ends Presidential Campaign And Endorses Joe Biden

On Wednesday, April 8, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders ended his presidential campaign, conceding the democratic nomination to former Vice President Joe Biden. Less than one week later, Sanders officially endorsed Biden.

Sanders has made it clear to his persistent voter base that success was not a possibility in the livestream he used to announce his campaign suspension last Wednesday. 

“We are some 300 delegates behind former Vice President Biden and the path to victory is virtually impossible,” Sanders said. “If I believed we had a feasible path to the nomination, I would certainly continue the campaign. But it’s just not there.”

In Wednesday’s video announcement, Sanders thanked an array of individuals, including volunteers, his campaign staff, financial contributors, campaign surrogates, musicians and artists that partnered with him and supporters that attended rallies and town halls. 

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Even though Sanders’ progressive policies gained speed and popularity throughout the years, the Vermont senator was unable to broaden his base of supporters. This was a major ingredient to the downfall of Sanders’ campaign in 2020, as well as his earlier attempt in 2016. 

Throughout his career, Sanders has advocated for universal healthcare, education reform, access to renewable energy, an increase to the minimum wage and more. 

In the joint livestream held on Monday between Sanders and Biden, the Vermont senator employed his influence to endorse former vice president Biden, a politician Sanders believes holds ideals comparable to his own.

“We need you in the White House. I will do all that I can to see that that happens, Joe,” Sanders said to the former vice president during their joint livestream on Monday afternoon. 

“It’s crucial now more than ever that people throw their support into Biden… regardless if they wholeheartedly want to or not,” said junior Emma Young. “Otherwise, we are facing another 4 years of a Trump presidency.”

In addition to advertising an official endorsement, this video call between Sanders and Biden served to facilitate a candid conversation regarding Biden’s platform and policies. 

Sanders took time to illustrate that he and the former VP shared the same goals. He did this by asking Biden about his view on raising the minimum wage, transitioning to a green economy, and student loan relief, issues that the two men agree upon. 

Sanders also stated that he and Biden are in the process of implementing  joint “task forces” consisting of both mens’ staff to develop policy in areas of economics, education, immigration, criminal justice reform, and climate change.

“I think that Bernie has made a lasting impact, as his platforms and ideology shaped the democratic primary,” said sophomore Olivia Thonson. “I have no doubt that his ideals and goals are still being furthered by the people and supporters who stood behind him.”

Biden ended Monday’s livestream with a message of gratitude for Sanders and a promise for the deep-rooted, progressive change that is to come.

“We can transform this nation so that it goes down in history, with your help Bernie, as one of the most progressive administrations since Roosevelt,” Biden said. 

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