A letter from the Editor: Student leaders deserve respect


Courtesy of Student Government

Student leaders, be they Student Government Executive office holders or candidates, or anything else, should be treated with decency.

Connor McNeely, Editor-in-Chief

As the elections for Student Government conclude, I would like to offer congratulations to all elected candidates in executive positions and a thank you to those who have served and continue to serve the student body.

As Student Body President Ally Swartzberg said in a Student Government Senate session Tuesday night, the executive offices of Student Government are not simply meant as accolades to an individual’s resume. These positions require sacrifice and an abundance of hard work that is oftentimes far more difficult than what any college student should be dealing with.

This is the responsibility of all student leaders: to strive to be a positive example towards others as you work. 

Unfortunately, many students on this campus have not realized that becoming a leader isn’t always won through an election or an application process. Leadership is born by working as hard as you can for positive change right now, regardless of where you are or what your title is. Leaders are those who see their position as a tool to do right by others, not those who obsess over accomplishments and use their recognition to put their fellow students down.

This Student Government election has been a difficult process for all parties involved. 

Despite the challenges that have arisen during this time, the most disappointing aspect of this event has become the rampant spread of bullying and defamation directed toward multiple students involved with the Student Government elections.

The words, conversations and actions surrounding these individuals are hateful and disgusting. They make me ashamed to be a part of this student body. Those who are spreading this slander over social media are showing how little they care about the mental health and dignity of others.

The students that are the targets of these posts, comments and gossip are those that have been working tirelessly to advance the interests and needs of the Wake Forest community. It is shocking to witness a campus that has persevered through many difficult, life-changing trials split apart and devolve into a place where members of its community are made out to be less than human.

I am hopeful that the student body can move forward from this issue having learned an important lesson. We cannot give in to the opinions and approval of others by tearing down our fellow students. Choose to look for the best in people. Wake Forest needs this optimism more than ever.