Olivia Field/Old Gold & Black
Olivia Field/Old Gold & Black

Plant-Based Eating is Simple on Campus

Whenever I tell people that I’ve been vegan for almost five years, I often receive one of two responses: “Wow, I can’t even go one day without meat,” or “Oh, so do you only eat grass or something?”

For those considering pursuing a plant-based lifestyle, Wake Forest actually offers a myriad of tasty options that make it truly easy to avoid meat and other animal products. In an effort to advocate for a vegan diet, here are my go-to options for on-campus dining.

When eating in the Benson Food Court, I usually opt for Moe’s Southwest Grill or Forest Greens for a sustaining, balanced meal. At Moe’s, for instance, I will get a burrito with a base of black beans, mushrooms and onions for flavor, as well as a good source of protein. When I am feeling a lot less hungry, I will grab a sandwich from Forest Greens instead. There, I pile pita bread with hummus, another source of protein, and as many veggies as possible.

The P.O.D. and 336 Market also offer a large variety of snacks and food products for vegans. In the refrigerated section, they have plant-based cheese and butter products.

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Although slightly hidden near the dish drop off, the vegan section of the Fresh Food Co. is, of course, the best choice on campus for those experimenting with the diet. The healthiest and most varied dishes are served here, changing for lunch and dinner every day. Almost always including a grain, vegetable and source of protein, this station is a reliable staple for all college vegans. On top of the variety, they almost always serve desserts made without eggs and dairy. While at school, it can be hard for vegans to enjoy sweet treats, but with everything from brownies to fruit cakes up for grabs, sugar cravings can be fixed with ease.

Wake Forest is continuing to expand their vegan options for students, and these efforts are paying off. With options like the “Impossible Burger” at Shorty’s and Meatless Tuna poke bowls featured at Fresh Food Co, it is becoming even easier to live a plant-based lifestyle on campus.

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