Editorial Board Reflects on Past Semester



One of the main goals for the Old Gold & Black in 2018 is to engage more with the campus, both in the print edition and online. While no paper is perfect, the aims for the OGB are: to be the voice and channel for students, to report the facts, to be the avenue for students to share what is happening on campus and to share the opinions and thoughts of our community.

Our job as the university’s publication is to do just that: to serve the students and the Wake Forest community. Our goal is to do so openly, honestly and with integrity. We aim to represent the entirety of the Wake Forest community and to do so in an unbiased manner.

Our staff comes from all grades and various majors, and is involved in both Greek and non-Greek organizations, representing a wide range of opinions and ideologies. However, we recognize that we could do more to recruit writers from a more diverse range of groups on campus, and strive to do so in the coming semester.

Looking back on the past four months, the Opinion Section has been filled with content encompassing all sides of the political spectrum on topics such as gun control, campus politics and media ethics. They have taken on the task of engaging with the school in its own way, in efforts to represent the entirety of the student body at Wake Forest, while the campus itself has endured a remarkable number of challenging moments within the community. While we have made efforts to recruit students of all opinions to write, we can do more in the coming semester to represent the entirety of the campus’ opinions and viewpoints.

The News Section has reported on some of the biggest and most breaking news this semester, ranging from the campus shooting and the racist social media post in the beginning of the semester, to the television appearance of a senior on Fox News, and later the Sixth Circle. Further, the News Section has investigated many topics that directly impact students, such as sexual assault, Residence Life & Housing’s lack of Resident Advisor applications and stories about sustainability on campus.

Additionally, the Sports Section has made strides in covering more sports and more athletes, in an effort to accurately showcase the talent on this campus. This has included covering sports teams, like women’s  or club, that have not received the coverage they deserved in the past. We aim to cover even more in the fall.

Upon reflection, none of these accomplishments could have been realized without our ability to hold our position as Wake Forest’s student newspaper. Our Editorial Board is proud of the stories we’ve decided to cover, the tough editorial decisions we’ve made and the conversations we’ve been able to have throughout this decisive semester.

After reflecting on the past semester, we want to continue the efforts made into the Fall of 2018. We want to continue to have engagement with the community, whether it be through articles, comments online or campus conversation surrounding articles.

Additionally, we want to cover a wider range of events on campus, cover more sports teams, encourage more students to write for us, and to have a wider presence online, especially through our app and weekly newsletter. While these are ambitious goals, they are ones we think we can achieve in the fall as we aim to build on the momentum we have gained this semester. We are looking forward to continuing this role for the Wake Forest community in the fall.