The Best Places To Start Studying

The Best Places To Start Studying

Whether you’re on campus or in Winston-Salem, there are tons of great study spots to check out. There are significantly more places to do homework than those listed, so spend some time looking for the spot that suits you the best.

ZSR Library

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library, more commonly known as the ZSR, is one of the hottest study spots on campus. It is located near the center of campus and is open 24 hours. I, like many other students, have spent countless late nights sitting in the atrium trying to cram for a test or finish writing a paper.

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Equipped with a Starbucks that is open till 2 a.m. most nights, the library is a perfect place to do some late-night studying. There are countless seating options, including the atrium, study rooms and the various nooks and crannies located throughout the eight floors.

The atrium is located right inside the main entrance to the library and is full of tables and seating to provide a social but quiet space. It is very open and is a great place to socialize while you’re studying.

If you have a big group project coming up and need a space where your group can meet, study rooms are always available. There are 10 study rooms in ZSR and all rooms include a monitor and DVD equipment. These are reservable for two-hour periods and can be reserved up to five days in advance.

The amount of noise on each floor decreases as you go higher up in the building. The atrium is easily the most social area of the library, but as you make your way to the eighth floor, there is little to no conversation. So whether you’re someone who likes background noise or someone who needs silence while you study, there’s a place in ZSR for you.

Campus Grounds

Campus Grounds is a completely student-run business that is located in Taylor on the upper quad. They have a large range of coffees and teas and feature cookies and pastries from several local bakeries.

The menu consists of a variety of coffees, espressos and “not coffees.” My personal favorite is the plain iced latte, but they have a plethora of specialty drinks and teas. Many specialty drinks are available seasonally and are created by Campus Grounds baristas.

The coffee shop is full of comfortable couches, complete with lots of outlets and a warm atmosphere. There is also outdoor seating available for warm fall afternoons. As a first-year student, it was always nice to get out of South Campus and have a change of scenery. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and the relaxing atmosphere make it a great spot to do some light studying.

Campus Grounds is a great place to grab a coffee on the go or spend an hour or two doing some homework.

Wake Downtown and Bailey Park

Wake Downtown is a fairly recent addition to the Wake Forest community. The building is a renovated Reynolds Tobacco factory and it hosts three new undergraduate programs. The building is full of classrooms, study lounges and student areas.

While Wake Forest has an amazing campus, after a few weeks it may be time to venture into Winston-Salem. Wake Downtown has a shuttle that picks students up in front of Benson every 15 minutes so it’s easily accessible to everyone.

There are multiple study spaces furnished with couches, booths and tables. There are tons of outlets to charge laptops and phones. There are even a Starbucks and a convenience store on the main level for a quick coffee fix.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, Bailey Park is located right across from Wake Downtown. There are lots of tables and a large field, so bring a blanket to sit on. It’s a nice relaxing place to write a paper or catch up on some reading.


During your first year, you’ll hear a lot about Krankies coffee, which is served in the Pit and in Campus Grounds. However, many students don’t always get to try it from the shop itself until later in their Wake Forest careers. But now, students are able to take the shuttle to Wake Downtown and make the small walk down the street to Krankies.

The shop is rustic and has a pleasant atmosphere, and with a large supply of coffee and food options, Krankies is an excellent alternative to one of the coffee shops on campus. They serve all kinds of meals and drinks for good prices and have seating inside and outside for various types of weather.

Krankies also has special events on occasion, so double check their calendar before making a trip there to find if you’ll be distracted while studying.

Benson and Benson-Tribble Courtyard

The Benson University Center is a very central place on campus that you will most likely visit a lot during your first year. Whether it be for a club meeting, lunch in the food court or for a quick study session with your classmates, there’s always something to do here.

I have spent many hours in between classes studying in the lounge on the third floor of the building. There are many armchairs and tables available, and throughout the lounge area, there are charging stations for devices like phones and iPods.

Whenever I have had to meet for group projects, Benson has been my go-to meeting space. It’s also a great place to go if you need to finish some last minute homework while you eat a quick lunch before going to your 1:00 p.m. class.

While it’s still warm, the Benson/Tribble courtyard right outside of the second-floor entrance is one of my favorite study locations. I like to find a table in the shade or under an umbrella and soak up the warm air while I study flashcards or read my textbooks.

No matter what your study preference is, there are a considerable number of options to choose from both on and off campus. So look around and explore until you find the right spot for you.

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