Students Should Stay Informed As Election Nears

Students Should Stay Informed As Election Nears

With the recent visit from presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg kicking off the 2020 election in the Winston-Salem area (more information on page 6), it is important that students at the university begin to prepare for the voting season. The Editorial Board of the Old Gold & Black recognizes the need for the university community to actively participate in civil discourse surrounding 2020. 

As of recent years, North Carolina has become an extremely important state in both primary and general elections. Understood to be a “swing state” — one that could be won by either a Democrat or a Republican — North Carolina is given a lot of attention by presidential candidates. Beginning with Bloomberg, presidential hopefuls such as Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden will continue to host a multitude of events in the Piedmont-Triad area. The Editorial Board of the Old Gold & Black implores students to understand the privilege of this reality — we can engage much more personally with politicians here than in many other states across the country. So, take advantage of this and attend a rally in Charlotte or Raleigh, volunteer for a candidate or follow news coverage of their time in North Carolina. 

It is necessary that students begin to educate themselves. Each of the candidates holds unqiue positions on various issues …

While hinted at above, it is also necessary that students begin to educate themselves about their options for 2020. Each of the candidates holds unique positions on various issues and publicize their views on their websites. Further, local elections are just as important as national ones. Take the time to learn about candidates for state and other city-wide positions that are up in 2020. While campus life can often shield students from the realities outside of the bubble, it is more important than ever to stay informed on the various issues at play in this election. 

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Additionally, students should ensure they are registered to vote in whichever party they choose, before the registration deadline (the primary deadline in North Carolina has already passed, but registration for the general election is still possible). While voting in state primary elections gives citizens a platform to express their preferences, voting in the general election is a vital act of civic responsibility. Students should also remember that they can opt to change their voting registration to North Carolina, where their vote may be worth more than in their home state. 

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