Clutch Coffee opens new W-S location

Clutch Coffee opens new W-S location

Winston-Salem has a new coffee shop to add to the ranks of Krankies, Camino, Bobby Boy Bakeshop and many others. Clutch Coffee Bar just opened a new location on University Parkway, two lights past Target. One wonders how a new coffee shop could afford to open in an area where the coffee market is already saturized. Not to mention the difficulty of opening a business during a global pandemic. However, the Clutch model seems poised for success in the COVID-19 era. Like the Krankies Airstream, Clutch is a drive through-style establishment, although it looks like they will have a storefront opening as well. The menu boasts a lengthy list of Clutch crafted beverages, each one unique and crafted with care. The staff is friendly, accommodating and is always willing to give a drink recommendation. 

I must preface this review by acknowledging a slight bias in favor of Clutch. The Winston-Salem location is not their first. A North Carolina-based chain, the two original locations are situated in Mooresville, NC about 30 minutes outside of Charlotte. My cousins showed me the chain over the summer, and I fell in love. Honestly, had they not opened the W-S location, I probably would have driven an hour each way to get my fix. 

A first time Clutch customer might find the menu a little overwhelming. The options are endless, and it can be difficult coming to a decision. The signature mochas and lattes feature bold flavor profiles and creative combinations. Fair warning, all of their flavored drinks are made with syrups, and are incredibly sweet. I typically don’t like sweet coffee, but I love a lot of their drinks. I used to get the Dream Bar Mocha, which has flavors of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut. But I’ve only tried a few drinks on the menu, and through trial and error, I have finally discovered my go-to: the classic mocha with an extra shot, which is made with chocolate milk instead of normal milk, is subtle and luscious without being overly sweet. I order all of their coffee beverages iced; they have a really solid ice cube size ratio that doesn’t melt too quickly and water down your coffee. 

Their menu is not strictly comprised of coffee drinks, though. They also offer a wide variety of fruity beverages and energy drinks made in-store. I have always intended to try one, but never made a foray into that side of the menu. Maybe I’ll ask for the staff’s recommendation on my next visit. I could actually sing the praises of the Clutch staff members as much as I could their products. Always greeted with a friendly face and small talk, the clutch window workers have a customer service attitude akin to that of Chick-Fil-A. My cousins and I used to joke they were all secretly working for the CDC during the pandemic because they would always make conversation about where we had been and where we were going. 

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All in all, Clutch is a friendly, creative, affordable option to suit your coffee needs. For their W-S opening this past Monday, they offered free unlimited 16 oz. drinks all day. Their hours are great if you need an early morning jolt or a late evening pick-me-up. I can see Clutch Coffee Bar becoming a new Winston-Salem staple and I implore you to swing in their direction the next time a caffeine craving hits. 

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