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Guide to succeeding in college

Guide to succeeding in college

Sofia Bazant, Contributing Writer November 18, 2021

While it is already November and more than halfway through the semester, there is no better time to reinvent yourself than the present. Here is a simple and infallible guide on how to be cool and make...

Thanksgiving dinner is perfect to fam the flames of family drama.

Tips to starting a Thanksgiving food fight

Emily Bebenek, Staff Writer November 18, 2021

You've been there. You walk through the door and are immediately squeezed into 15 different hugs from people you barely know. But what can you do? They’re family, and you’re about to spend the entire...

Essex Thayer is heated while imagining the disappointment of flat soda.

How I remain tenacious in my workplace

Selinna Tran, Life Editor November 11, 2021

For many looking in, working at the Old Gold & Black seems like a fun job. There is a  display of community and camaraderie that seems almost too good to be true. Well, that's because it is. When...

Dont be fooled by the easygoing nature of the snail, the immortal snails only goal in life is to end yours. Watch your back at all times.

The immortal snail is coming for you … slowly

Emily Bebenek, Staff Writer November 4, 2021

I know he’s coming for me. It’s been too long. First I lost count of the days, then the months, then the years, and finally the centuries. I don’t know how much more I can take. He’s coming for...

POV: Youre the lead singer of an indie band

POV: You’re the lead singer of an indie band

Selinna Tran, Life Editor October 21, 2021

What would you say is your inspiration? Honestly, my inspiration would have to be myself. I have made it this far in the world by relying on my own creative genius. You know, I'm not like the other people...

Selinnas guide to landing your crush

Selinna’s guide to landing your crush

Selinna Tran, Life Editor September 30, 2021

Rule No. One: Never ever compliment. I deeply apologize, I am getting ahead of myself — I am here to help you win the favor of your crush. With the coming change in season and all of the emotions that...

The nice guy just wants to know why he can’t get any respectful females.

POV: you just posted on r/niceguys

Isabella Mason, Staff Writer September 23, 2021

It’s hard to keep getting back up after you get knocked down. I try very hard to be a good person, especially with females. I do all the right things and reap no rewards. At some point, it makes you...

Returning to school post-COVID

Returning to school post-COVID

Emily Bebenek, Staff Writer September 2, 2021

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but ever since I walked back onto campus I’ve experienced some serious imposter syndrome. I remember the good old high school days when I would patiently sit through...

Building a friendship with the stress within

Building a friendship with the stress within

Emily Bebenek, Staff Writer April 22, 2021

It’s that time of year again, folks. That time when you start to consider dropping out (your parents’ basement could be considered cozy from certain angles), giving up (we live on a giant ball of dirt...

Suez Canal debacle affects campus morale

Suez Canal debacle affects campus morale

Cooper Sullivan, Assistant News Editor April 15, 2021

Dear Suez Canal Community, I would like to extend my deepest condolences to each and every one of you hardworking, indestructible, floating vessels. As these past few weeks have shown us, you are the...

Fun ways to show your significant other you care this Valentine’s Day

Fun ways to show your significant other you care this Valentine’s Day

Selinna Tran, Life Editor February 14, 2021

No. 1 - Put your Minecraft bed next to theirs.  This is the ultimate display of affection and love. If you truly want your significant other to believe that you only have eyes for them, it is crucial...

The Best Western is the premier destination for Wake Forest University Students that meet the fate of encountering COVID-19.

Student reflects on painful Best Western stay

Tommy Murphy, Contributing Writer February 3, 2021

The clock struck 1 p.m. on my first full day quarantining at the Best Western. I created a schedule on a whiteboard the previous night so I could make great use of these two weeks away from campus. The...

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