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Blind dating benefits the blind

Blind dating benefits the blind

Chandler Stearns, Contributing Writer February 14, 2021

When Wake Forest University students thought of blind dating, they may have thought of Chris Pine. Now, they think of Ted Middleton and Dating Deacons.  In January of 2020, Wake Forest junior Ted...

The four friends at the Wake Forest v. UVA football game last month. All that’s left of the magical interaction is a hat and a missed connection (Essex Thayer/Old Gold & Black)

Student looks for missed connection

Essex Thayer, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

Dear Abigail (Abie, Abbie, Abby, Abbey, Aby, Abi), For my friend’s sake, I wish I knew more than just your first name; perhaps, I would not be writing this. All I know is that you like cowboy hats,...

Changing the stigma of hookup culture

Changing the stigma of hookup culture

Khushi Arya , Staff Writer October 22, 2020

It is no secret that hookup culture is prominent on college campuses in the United States. College students are stressed, overworked and anxious. It makes sense that we don’t have the time and energy...

All’s fair in love and quarantine

All’s fair in love and quarantine

Isabella Mason September 10, 2020

Being alone in quarantine isn’t easy. This is something that we all know to be true at this point, which has driven many of us to engage in quarantine hookups, relationships or even just friendships....

Deacon Dates

Deacon Dates

Amanda Wilcox February 13, 2020

For the third time, the Editorial Board of the Old Gold & Black took a break from copy-editing, AP Style and InDesign layout to play Cupid and spark a little romance among our fellow students. Our...

Valentines Day horoscope date ideas: Wake Forest edition

Valentine’s Day horoscope date ideas: Wake Forest edition

Julia Haines February 10, 2017

Horoscopes can be amusing, but do not usually give any specific advice. This February, the Old Gold & Black offers Deacon-date ideas categorized by zodiac sign to ensure that the stars all align for...

Chris Ware/Lexington Herald-Leader/TNS

Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be confined to one day

Suzannah Brown February 18, 2016

Given that Valentine’s Day has recently come and gone, I figured most people would still be finishing off their carton of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watching that last episode of “Parks and Rec.”...

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