Nugent continues to abuse status

Ted Nugent’s history of bigotry and wrong-doing invalidates his celebrity and moral status

Evan Daane, Staff Columnist

I was recently on the drive from Dallas to Austin and had just gotten back into the rhythm of the freeway after getting gas at the Buc-ee’s when I read the name of the road just a few exits away, Nugent Avenue. This road is named after the conservative rock icon and self identified alpha-male Ted “The Nuge” Nugent, for whom I have a strong distaste. Normally this kind of feeling would quickly slip away, but for some reason I could not let this go. Maybe it was because I was so close to Buc-ee’s, one of my favorite road trip stops or maybe the sickening idea of Nugent having his own road. But maybe it was because I never realized how much I do not like Ted Nugent. Whatever it was, I let my negative feelings towards “The Nuge” consume me for the rest of the drive. I think what made my dislike so strong is that Nugent is an objectively terrible person who holds some really irreconcilable beliefs, yet still has a large following of die-hard supporters. I know I won’t be able to convince everyone that Nugent is horrible and, frankly, if you think he’s great, this article isn’t for you. If you’re on the fence or just unaware of him, I hope I’ll be able to convince you to avoid him.

Nugent grew his popularity in the 60s and 70’s and was true to the “Sex, drugs, and rock and roll,” lifestyle motto — save the drugs. However, despite his vehement opposition to drugs Nugent flaunted his vigorous sex life. Like many rockstars, he was known for having sex with underage fans and, although he denies it now, Nugent admitted in an episode of “Behind The Music” to having multiple affairs. I find his denial to be weak.

He has a song, “Jailbait”, which is about him being attracted to a 13-year-old. In the late 70’s Nugent was in a relationship with a 17-year-old from Hawaii and was eventually made her legal guardian. In addition to his track record of sexual misconduct, Nugent’s repeated denial of well documented scandals proves that he is a liar.

Nugent is a very violent person. His solution for crime is the death penalty, whether the charge be homicide or simple graffiti. Even though Nugent is on the board of the NRA, he was under investigation in 2012 by the Secret Service after he made a death threat to the former president Barack Obama. Nugent is an avid hunter and has a vehement opposition to animal rights. He believes animals (deer in this case) are “only interested in three things: the best place to eat, having sex and how quickly they can run away.” Nugent calls hunting his “zen” as well as something that gives him a “full predator spiritual erection.” Nugent also writes songs glorifying violence against women, such as his hit song “Stranglehold” about choking and beating a woman because she left him. It’s safe to say Nugent makes it clear that violence is his solution to most problems.

Even though Nugent is a violent man, he is also a coward. Nugent dodged the draft. In a 1977 interview he claimed to have refrained from bathing for a month, defecating and urinating in his pants for a week and taking crystal methamphetamine to fail his physical exam for the draft. Although Nugent now denies it, he was given a 4F exemption, meaning that he was not fit for service. Normally I would say that this is fine. I believe that someone shouldn’t have to go to war if they disagree with it. However, Nugent supported the Vietnam War and has vehemently supported the war in Iraq, saying that our only failure “has been not to Nagasaki them,” a statement that must also stem from the rampant islamophobia that he is known for. Nugent is quoted as saying “I did not want to get my ass blown off in Vietnam,” and that it was probably for the best that he dodged because “I’d have killed all the Hippies in the foxholes. I would have killed everybody.”

You might have noticed some themes from the life of Ted Nugent: violence, sex, discrimination and when it came down to serving his country, fear. Nugent is incredibly racist and has a specific edge towards Muslims. He has a profane motive to hunt. He is a sex addict. He ran from service when was scared. It brings me to his quote about the three interests of deer: “the best place to eat, having sex and how quickly they can run away.” I think he’s that animal. A racist, sexist, pedophilic animal.