Students enjoy new recreation spaces

Administration created two new recreation areas, one indoors and one outdoors


Students can play table tennis, air hockey and other games in the Recreation Room.

Evan Daane, Staff Writer

With this semester’s introduction of two new COVID-19 safe socialization spaces, there are now new and exciting options for students looking to relax and unwind.

Due to the university’s opening in Orange status, administrators strived to create outdoor and indoor spaces in which students could gather while still being at a low risk for catching the virus.  The addition of fire pits and chairs to the green space of the Manchester quad, which the university is calling Fireside on Manchester, creates a multipurpose socialization space for students outdoors.

“I’m excited to try out the new fire pits on Manchester while staying safe from COVID,” said junior Gretchen Castelloe.

While the propane fire pits are only lit from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., the space is free to use any other time, with the fire pits doubling as table space for anything from classwork to board games. The space is divided into a few sections, one of which has a stage and some seating area and is available for organizations and groups of students to reserve.

With the new space comes a line-up of events that will take place there, from movie viewings, to pop-up food stations, to this year’s Wake Frost, a semi-annual winter dance. The hope is that Fireside on Manchester will become a new and easily accessible space for clubs and students alike to maintain a sense of community while keeping safe from COVID-19. So far the student reaction has been positive, and despite the freezing weather and its short existence, the space has seen a fair amount of use already.

The other addition to the recreational lineup on campus is the Wellbeing Center Game Room, which has been constructed in the cardio area of Reynolds Gym. With nine different socially-distanced games to play ranging from darts to air hockey, it’s designed as a space for students to play one-on-one games during their free time. The area has a capacity of ten people at once so each game can only be played for a maximum of one hour before the next group of students is cycled in. The space follows CDC guidelines, and hand sanitizer is required before playing any of the games. The space is open from 10 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Friday through Sunday.

“The new spaces are meant as part of the school’s push to create a sense of community despite the global pandemic,” said senior Mariana Rocha-Goldberg, a COVID-19 consultant for the university. The spaces will be closed if the university enters Red status, however.

If you’re planning on going to either of these spaces, remember to follow university COVID-19 policies and CDC guidelines. More information on both of these spaces can be found on the “Our Way Forward” section of Wake Forest’s website.