Andy Reid’s son, Britt Reid, involved in car accident, critically injures young girl

Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach, Britt Reid, drives under the influence, gets into trouble with the law yet again


Nick Hayman, Contributing Writer

On Feb. 4, three days before the Kansas City Chiefs’ disappointing 31-9 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LVI, Chiefs outside linebackers coach Britt Reid was involved in a car accident that occurred around 9 P.M. near the team’s practice facility in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Son of head coach Andy Reid, Britt Reid reportedly crashed his white Dodge Ram Laramie into two stationary cars on the highway, injuring three people. According to Kansas City police officer Dave Jackson, one of the cars had run out of fuel and the other was delivering gas when the collision occurred. 

Investigations conducted by the Kansas City police department after the incident found that Britt Reid had consumed 2-3 drinks and showed some signs of impairment. When officers arrived at the scene, the police observed that Reid’s eyes were “bloodshot,” and that he smelled of alcohol, per the official report. 

According to court documents acquired by the Kansas City Star, a sobriety test performed by Reid reflected “four clues of impairment.” Although no criminal charges have been filed against Britt Reid, investigations of the crash are still ongoing. 

Unfortunately, this was not Britt Reid’s first incident behind the wheel. 

According to USA Today, Reid has been cited by the police at least three times for speeding and reckless driving. Most notably, in 2007, Britt Reid was arrested after he reportedly pointed a gun at another driver. That same year, Reid was also cited for “driving under the influence of a controlled substance, possessing a controlled substance without registration, and the use and possession of drug paraphernalia.” 

As to the state of Britt Reid’s coaching career, he was placed on administrative leave by the team and did not travel with the team to Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl. His contract has since expired, and the Chiefs organization has stated there is no intention of renewing his contract at this time. 

In addition, the NFL has opened an investigation and stated that “The matter will be reviewed under the NFL’s personal conduct policy. [Once] law enforcement has completed its review, we will address this matter and take any appropriate action.”

Among those injured in the crash was Ariel Young, a five-year-old girl who was sent into a coma. As news of the incident spread, people all over the country showed their support, creating a GoFundMe page that accumulated nearly $500,000 in donations. 

After the Chiefs Super Bowl loss, Andy Reid’s first comments to the public were addressed to the families affected by the crash. Reid stated, “My heart goes out to all those involved in the accident, in particular the family with the little girl fighting for her life. I can’t comment on it anymore but from a human standpoint, my heart bleeds for everyone involved.”

After 11 scary days, Ariel’s aunt and the creator of her GoFundMe page, Tiffany Verhulst, announced that Ariel had woken up from her coma on Monday, Feb. 15. Further details on Young’s condition are unavailable at this time as she continues to recover.