Bulking 101 with QB1 Sam Hartman

Bulk up, build muscle, do it all with Sam Hartman’s “delicious” smoothies


Will Zimmerman, Online Managing Editor

So, you say you want to get big? You want to play D1 football? You want to become the best version of yourself?

Sam Hartman is here to help.

Premier athletes like Hartman know that performing at the top of their game extends far beyond showing up on game day. The intangibles of great athletes — a willingness to practice meticulously, an unwavering dedication to the craft and a do-or-die mentality — only get the best-of-the-best so far.

The truth of the matter is that putting oneself in a position to excel on the track, field or gridiron necessitates making the right choices behind the scenes, especially when no one is watching. For Hartman, that equates to taking fastidious care of his body, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When the Demon Deacons spring football season began just a few weeks ago, Hartman shared with reporters that during the offseason, he had spent countless hours in the weight room building mass. But Hartman understands that pumping iron alone doesn’t get the job done. Equally important is fueling his body, in the right way.

Hartman admits that becoming stronger and maintaining his weight is no small feat. We normal people can begin to understand why once we learn that consuming a prescribed diet of 5,000 to 6,000 calories daily — as Hartman does — is practically a full-time job in and of itself.

The work starts in the morning with breakfast.

“I guess you could call it the strawberry-fruit-punch-smoothie-peanut-butter-delight,” Hartman said during his press conference. “The only bad part is it’s warm … but [other than that] it’s actually not that bad.”

Interested in making the strawberry-fruit-punch-smoothie-peanut-butter-delight for yourself? Let’s jump into the recipe!

Actually, before we do, there’s something you should know. It is true that every other story in this issue of the OGB is a joke, yet this recipe is not. When Hartman took to Zoom following the first day of spring ball, March 17, he actually credited this “smoothie” as one he “chugs” each morning. The ingredients listed in the recipe are Hartman’s.

Word for word.

I kid you not.

Proceed at your own risk.