Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce the newest member of Greek Life to the Wake Forest community: Omega Gamma Beta.

We have just recently received our active status and you could be a part of our next class!

Our fraternity is co-ed, but in the cool way (which is the socially acceptable way to say it is nothing like APO).

To celebrate our new charter and meet potential new members, we will be throwing down “Wake Wednesday” style. Pre-game LR a day early and celebrate with us! While we can’t guarantee a visit from the WSPD to break up our party like a rager on Ewing, we can absolutely promise a fun night.

We asked some current members of Omega Gamma Beta to describe our organization, here’s what they had to say:

“We’re like Pike, but we actually lift.”

“Kappa Delta but we’re actually on the rise.”

“DKE but without the PETA lawsuit.”

“We’re the postgame to Sig Pi’s pregame.”

“Lambda, but we let girls into our parties.”

“Kappa but without the suspensions”

“Chi Psi but we have safe infrastructure (floors) in place.”

Rushees, bring your best stuff. We’ll be watching. And if you end up in our police beat next week, consider yourself a new member. Pat yourself on the back and enjoy your auto-bid, you’ll have earned it!

Rides to the fifth floor of Benson will start at 9 p.m. Be there or be square. Bonus points if you break the Benson elevator on the way up.


Alexandra Karlinchak: 1-800-BANSHEE

Will Zimmerman: 1-800-8008135 (get it?!)

Ben Conroy: 1-800-588-2300 (EMPIRE!)

Essex Thayer: 1-800-GOT-BETS

Natty O: 1-800-ARRESTS

Moes: 911