Senior shares priceless advice with fellow students

Ryan King makes the most of his opportunity to influence and educate his peers


Ryan King, Senior Writer

As a soon-to-be graduate, I’ve come to learn a lot about this school, myself, and what it means to be a Demon Deacon. And though it’s important to garner your own experience, there is one piece of advice worth giving that will save you a lot of trouble. Without a doubt, I know that if I had been told this advice earlier, I would’ve been better off.

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First, let me provide a little context. I expect that many people already know this, but for the sake of the uneducated, listen up. You’ll hear many different people say many different things about this one way or the other. I, for one, may or may not agree. Yet, I concede it’s important to consider all sides. Here’s my perspective.

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Now, don’t be mad at me if you don’t like what you’re about to hear, because it is an ugly truth. However, the idea is crucially important and will hold true regardless of your current state or future goals. Though, as with anything, you should take it with a grain of salt. After all, everyone is different.

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What you need to know is this (though make sure you take time to consider the opposite as well) you are, and always will be — and listen to me when I say this because the message here is subtle — in a world where you, I, and everyone can only be absolutely sure of only one thing. In which case, there are two things you should always remember. The first is this:

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Secondly — and perhaps even more importantly — what you need to know is already inside you. Look inward and listen to your soul. The only one that can offer you any useful advice is yourself.

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In other words … well, I think you get it. College is tough, and though I know you’ll make it through, I hope my advice will make the ride just a bit smoother. You can thank me later. Onward!