We freshmen need to foster a positive environment

We freshmen need to foster a positive environment

As a freshman, I have noticed a lot of first-year relationships going through rough times especially this semester.

The classic game of “he said, she said” is beginning to take it’s toll on the newly established friendships of the first semester.

Not only that, but the south campus residence halls are becoming more and more divided as the weeks pass. Gossip is the number one enemy here.

But, why is this becoming such an issue a month into the second semester?

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“Squads are made and dispersed throughout the first year” are some things I hear from upperclassmen, but honestly, I believe this to be the work of a deeper enigma. It all starts with how we treat each other.

The environment that Wake Forest provides is still something we are getting accustomed to everyday.

A wise professor told me: “It takes your entire freshman year to get used to college.”

Keeping this in mind, I see so much hostility between dorm mates and other students.

I often recognize the reasoning behind these developments to be something honestly trivial or trifling in nature, but I can’t say the same for the person on the receiving end of the matter.

I wonder why this happens to freshmen. Has the stress taken its toll? Is it the pledging?

What is happening to the friendships that were brand new only a few months ago?

In my opinion, we as freshmen need to take a step back and reevaluate the relationships we’ve fostered so far.

College is a place of immense opportunity, but we can’t take advantage of that if we can’t connect with each other.

Let’s strive together to pick each other up, instead of being rude to the people that are our family for the next four months.

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