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News media consumers must prioritize truth

News sources must revaulate their allegiances and value honesty and integrity
November 19, 2020

Fox News has been the top competitor in the battle of cable news networks. For 18 straight years, Fox News has dominated CNN and MSNBC, achieving high ratings and receiving a spot in over 90% of United...

Surprise trip suggests new tradition

An open mind can serve as the catalyst to a new and a positive experience
November 19, 2020

 Over the past weekend, I drove cross country from Wake Forest to Kansas City, Missouri. Going through the Appalachian mountains, through Asheville, Knoxville and Nashville, I stopped for the night...

President-elect Biden must unify nation

Biden's presidency draws high expectations from the U.S. and the world
November 19, 2020

Over 79 million Americans got what they wanted out of the 2020 election: a Joe Biden presidency. However, while the votes they cast may have had a black bubble next to Joseph R. Biden, many feel that that...

Isolated stay facilitates introspection

Best Western adventure allows for new best friends and radical personal growth
November 19, 2020

Seven days ago, I was whisked away from the smelly yet comfortable confines of my third floor Dogwood suite and into a luxurious ground floor single at the Best Western Plus. This has coalesced into a...

Twitter implements unnecessary feature

The new update fails to address more meaningful desires shared by many users
November 19, 2020

Never mind the fact that Twitter users have been asking for an edit button for years, never mind the fact that Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook all have story features; and never mind the fact that Twitter...

Holiday traditions require change

Economic and public health effects of pandemic necessitate modified gift-giving
November 19, 2020

It’s that time of year — everyone is perusing their favorite shops, buying gifts for their loved ones and themselves. The winter holidays are approaching with a bit over a month to spare, and most...

Contemporary poetry shares experience

Readers should venture out into unfamiliar prose and poetry
November 12, 2020

Poetry, as it exists in today’s world, is unbound. If you have appreciation for poems, you have likely observed the descent of mean form from the public foreground and the assimilation of poetic expression...

Pandemic remains an issue post-election

Despite Biden's vitory, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a pressing issue in America
November 12, 2020

With the victory of President-Elect Joe Biden this past Saturday afternoon, cities around the country let out an audible sigh of relief. In New York City, streets were transformed into the stage for a...

Black women voters bolstered Biden’s success

U.S. must move past white supremacy and patriarchy in political and cultural spaces
November 12, 2020

“While I may be the first woman in this office, I won’t be the last," said Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.  This year's election has been repeated by many as the most important in our lifetimes...

Feelings of purposelessness cause stress

In chameleons as in humans, a sense of worthlessness can degrade mental health
November 12, 2020

It might surprise you to hear that chameleons are, in fact, one of the most stressed-out members of the reptile family. They could very well be some of the most stressed-out animals on the planet (aside...

Election poses opportunity for unity

Amid widespread division there exists a chance for dialogue, education and unity
November 12, 2020

On Saturday, Nov. 7, Democrat Joe Biden became the president-elect of the United States of America and Kamala Harris became the United States vice president-elect. While the anxieties of democracy throughout...

Biden’s victory is only the beginning

The fight for democracy will continue forward following the Biden-Harris win
November 12, 2020

This past Saturday afternoon felt like a firecracker detonating in a cave. The brilliant sparkle splattered against the black walls, illuminating the space for what seems like the first time in a long...

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