Student Government Report from April 27


Jessica Schmidt, SG Beat Reporter

Executive Reports

President Miles Middleton shared that he has been meeting with President-elect Ally Swartzberg about the transition for the upcoming year and thanked everyone for a good year. Speaker of the House Ally Swartzberg echoed Middleton’s sentiments and announced that she had begun facilitating the transition of Speaker Pro-Tempore Braden Strackman to become the speaker of the house when the Assembly convenes next year . She also shared that the application for a cabinet position is live, and that all students, regardless of whether they are senators, can apply for a co-chair position. Staff Advisor Shauna McNeil congratulated the seniors and also thanked everyone for a productive school year.

Committee Reports

The Academic Committee reported on their meeting with Dean Gillepsie on what the fall may look like. They learned that approximately 63% of students have been fully vaccinated, and over 70% of faculty have also received at least one shot. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee shared that the Faculty Senate voted and passed the changes to the Cultural Diversity Requirement and now it will be going to a higher university vote. The Physical Planning Committee thanked everyone for their help with Earth Week and shared that it had been a successful week.