It is important to understand other cultures

It is important to understand other cultures

Since the globalization wave has affected essentially the whole world and our university has a diverse population, we need to have more awareness and knowledge of other cultures.

On Feb. 13, I went to Chinese Lunar New Year Festival hosted by A.S.I.A. in the Barn. I was surprised that the whole event was so creative and impressive. Most of the people who attended were Asian families from outside of Wake Forest’s community. They came because it was their biggest holiday of the year.

Only a few Wake Forest students came to watch. I was upset that such a great event only took place in the Barn — a tiny room — and only a few Wake Forest students came to watch.

Despite the bad conditions, the talented performers did a splendid job. Taekwondo, LIT dance group and other amazing performances showed the essence of popular Asian culture.

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There was one performer that caught my eye. He was playing the diabolo (Chinese yo-yo) and his skill was splendid. He accurately combined both musical beats and skillful movements.

This ancient toy was invented around 1386. Now, nobody in our cultural group even knew what he was doing at all. Such great skill may lose its culture in the future if nobody pays attention to it.

It may be an exaggeration to emphasize the importance of understanding and knowing other cultures, but the lack of understanding of other cultures may lead to becoming disrespectful to some foreign people and ideas. Most people assume you already know the common courtesy. 

In the past, Wake Forest had many activities such as a multicultural festival, which included many international students from all over the world hosting tables of food and offering cultural knowledge to people.

I saw different ethnic students interact with each other, and language was the bridge to connect people.

Such a phenomenon really fascinated me: how two people from two different places in the world, talking about each other’s differences acan be drawn togehter by talking about these differences.

We also have a study abroad program which enables students to pursue knowledge in a foreign land. Such great opportunities should give more scholarships because these experience are very important to every college student. I encourage everyone try to learn a new language, a foreign instrument, a foreign sport or exotic food. I also encourage that everyone try to know the background story written behind each culture. The future of society needs diversity, and each member of it needs to engage in it.

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