Hit the Bricks aims for another record-breaking year

Organizers hope that it will surpass last year’s record of $203,000


Courtesy of Wake Forest

Hit the Bricks is an annual tradition at Wake Forest, raising money for cancer research.

Anita Dongieux, Contributing Writer

Hit the Bricks (HTB), an annual campus-wide philanthropic event supporting the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund, will be held on Oct. 6, and students from various organizations and communities will gather on the Upper Quad to compete in a day-long relay race as well as other activities all to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. 

Senior Adam Porth, Director of Entertainment and Engagement for HTB, said that bringing the Wake Forest community together is the true essence of HTB and is one of his favorite aspects of the occasion. 

“It’s one of the few times each year that everyone on campus gets together for eight hours to raise money for such an awesome cause,” Porth said. “Regardless of grade level, organizational involvement or any other barriers that keep people from doing something together, HTB breaks down those barriers and allows everyone to come together to support cancer research.” 

For many, including Junior HTB Director Abby Draeger, HTB is one of students’ favorite days of the school year.

“​​Hit the Bricks is my absolute favorite on-campus event of the year,” Draeger said. “Everyone gathers together on the Quad all day for such a great cause in supporting the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Foundation. Whether you’re running, walking, playing spikeball or just hanging out with your team, there is something for everyone, and that’s what I love about it.”  

Sophomore Lilli Ward feels similarly — that everyone should get out and participate, even if they don’t want to run. 

“This year we are having other activities such as cornhole and games for people to do, if they aren’t into the running or walking aspect,” Ward said. “I encourage everyone to join us for HTB. It’s an amazing opportunity to get involved with the Wake Forest community and do something to benefit cancer research.” 

Last year, HTB raised $202,787.85 with 1,693 individual runners and 146 teams from the Wake Forest community participating. On “Match Day” — where the HTB organization will match how much is fundraised up to $10,000 — HTB raised $32,100. This year, HTB participants hope to break its event’s record, which was set last year at 203,000 dollars.

Ward’s encouragement comes from her increased involvement with Hit the Bricks throughout the years. After participating last year, Ward felt inspired to get more involved and is an HTB Ambassador this year. 

“I wanted to get involved with Hit the Bricks after seeing how much money was raised for the Brian Piccolo Foundation last year,” Ward said. “I witnessed the Wake Forest community come together to raise awareness for cancer research. After watching Hit the Bricks last year, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing event.” 

HTB Director and senior Erin Byrd is passionate about cancer research and promotes HTB as a day “like no other” — the atmosphere on the Quad ringing in the new fall season, mixed with a bit of friendly competition, makes it an event that everyone can consistently look forward to. 

Students don’t have to be ambassadors or directors to make a difference, everyone’s participation plays a role in the success of HTB. 

Sophomore Katie Salnikoff loves being a part of the collective effort.

“Hit the Bricks is such a good opportunity for the community to come together,” Salnikoff said. “It’s so easy to become involved and is an amazing way to show support for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund.”

You can learn more about all of HTB’s activities and register for the event on its website: https://hitthebricks.wfu.edu/