Student Government hosts Mental Health Week

This week’s events are designed to promote awareness for students’ mental health


Virginia Noone

Signs across campus advertise Mental Health Week on campus.

Anita Dongieux, Staff Writer

“Are you okay?” is a simple, poignant question that several student organizations are helping to ask during Wake Forest’s annual Mental Health Week. 

This year’s programming started on Feb. 11 and will run through Feb. 17. The week is planned by Student Government’s Campus Life Committee.

Campus Life Committee member Gialin Tran (‘26) shared the goal of this year’s events. 

“The events for Mental Health Week are like a little breather for students,” Tran said. “This spring semester hit the ground running, and it may be hard to get the pause we need.” 

Wake Forest men’s basketball kicked off this week’s events on Feb. 11 — during which a short clip of students answering the question “are you okay?” was broadcast. More than 100 students participated in the video, which can be found on Student Government’s social media and YouTube

This week’s second event, the Student Care Fair took place Feb. 13 on Manchester Quad. The fair featured organizations such as the World Tea Association and Athenas. Campus Life Committee Co-Chair Erica Carl (‘25) explained the significance of student organizations’ involvement in Mental Health Week. 

“The messaging behind this event is to not only bring students together via food trucks but to also highlight various groups and organizations committed to wellness,” Carl said.

Tuesday Trivia partnered with Student Union and featured mental health-themed questions that aimed to start conversations and raise awareness of mental health. One round focused on resources to engagingly educate students.

A student panel took place on Wednesday, Feb. 15 in Broyhill Auditorium. Members of the Campus Life committee spoke about their experiences with mental health. This event showcased these students’ stories in hopes of providing a sense of comfort and community for students who may share similar feelings. Campus Life Co-Chair Tonia Christou (‘23) explained that her experience with mental health led to her involvement with Mental Health Week. 

“When I was a sophomore at Wake Forest, COVID-19 had consumed the social scene, and I found myself feeling isolated, unmotivated and ultimately alone,” Christou said. “I wish I had known about the resources available and known that people cared. Based on this experience, I play my part in ensuring that Mental Health Week promotes a message that I longed to hear when I was struggling.”

She continued: “Mental Health Week is sentimental for me this year. As a senior, having led this week for two subsequent years, Mental Health Week means a lot to me because I know it means a lot to other people. The response my co-chair, Jackson Buttler (who is now Speaker of the House), and I got last year was not only fulfilling, but it also motivated us to put the same energy, care and forethought into the week this year.”

Director of the University Counseling Center Denisha Champion expressed the importance of Student Government’s role in campus mental health. 

“Student Government’s leadership in highlighting mental health each spring is so critical to awareness and pointing students to available resources,” Champion said. “I hope everyone will participate in the events and take the opportunity to examine their own emotional well-being.” 

Mental Health Week will conclude with goat yoga and counseling screenings on Thursday, Feb. 16, and ConsentCon on Friday, Feb. 17. More information on these events can be found on Student Government’s Instagram @wake_sg