Journalists have a duty to be honest with their readers

Journalists have a duty to be honest with their readers

For any reporter or writer of a newsworthy publication, journalistic integrity should be the most important thing to consider when writing a piece.

Whether it be a news piece or an op-ed, journalists have a duty to write truthfully and accurately. Even if a reporter is writing about a controversial topic, neutrality is most important when conveying information to the audience.

The job of reporters is to present the facts accurately and honestly. Of course, publications tend to swing either left or right politically, but the duty of the writer is to be as neutral as possible. Without honesty or integrity, a reputable news source is downgrading themselves to the standards of a tabloid.

For reputable publications, there is trust between the reader and the writer because people are reading these stories in order to become informed about what is happening around them.

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In some cases, like in colleges, there is only one publication to turn to. If that publication often writes inaccurately, then the readership will decrease. It is essential to maintain that trust between the audience and the writer, but sometimes publications take things too far.

With the recent parody of the Boston Globe’s front page from this past Sunday, I believe the editor of the newspaper did a disservice to the audience.

While I am not saying I support Donald Trump in any way, there is another way to denounce his campaign than to make a joke of the front page.

The front page was set to be a year from now when Trump has been elected president and the front page represents Trump’s America. Sure, it was funny, but what reputable publication makes a joke of something that should be taken seriously?

If the Boston Globe wanted to denounce Trump, there are plenty of other ways to do so without making a joke of it. In my opinion, the Boston Globe sacrificed some integrity in publishing the parody front page about Trump.

It is the duty of publications to report truth, but what the Boston Globe did was not truthful nor accurate. While it took what Trump has said and presented it in a way that could possibly happen if there was a President Trump, I do not agree with the way they handled the front page.

The Boston Globe could have done something different to show their distaste for Trump, but instead decided to share something that was not representative of the truth nor of reality.

As a journalist, it is necessary to share and relay the truth — even if we do not agree with it. 

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