Student Government announces election winners

Student Government will release vote counts later today on its website


Terms for officers and senators elected today will begin on April 26.

Wake Forest’s Student Government released the results of the 2023 Student Government elections on its Instagram account at approximately 12:42 p.m. on April 5. Here are the results. 

President: Jackson Buttler (‘24)

Speaker of the House: Michael Walsh (‘24)

Treasurer: Tim Erday (‘24)

Secretary: Marta Zach (‘24) 

Class of 2024 Senators: 

Camille Frient 

Emma Sabin 

Jack Lewis

Julia Lang

Sydnie Cockerham 

Class of 2025 Senators:

Bayla Sheshadri 

Connor Deir

Hannah Elluru 

Lillie Davenport 

Shelby Balmer

Stella Ross

Wyatt Strassman 

Class of 2026 Senators: 

Adrianna Udensi 

Blake Sterling

Cole Schanzlin 

Eli Leadham 

Elizabeth Unger

Ella Erickson 

Jack Senhauser

Natalia House

Sal Cascio

Samantha Servin 

Theresa Murphy 

William Burns 

The new executive officers will be sworn in on April 11, and their term will begin on April 26, according to Student Body President Pilar Agudelo. Senators will also begin their term on April 26. The results of the vote count will be released by Student Government on its website later today.