Students should carry water bottles every day

Students should carry water bottles every day

Water. All life on earth requires it, especially hard working college students.

Making sure to drink plenty of water is much easier to do when the weather is nice in the beginning of the semester, but as the semester drags on and the temperatures and hours of sleep drop, many students’ water consumption does as well.

Aside from it being a necessity for survival, staying hydrated is crucial for performing our best inside and outside of class. That’s why I believe every student should carry a reusable water bottle throughout the day to ensure they drink plenty of water.

Investing in a reusable water bottle is an excellent way to invest in your health. According to nephrologist Dr. Steven Guest on WebMD, staying properly hydrated is crucial for maintaining proper body fluid levels which includes “digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature.” As these basic bodily functions rely on our consumption of water, one can imagine the effect dehydration has on complex tasks like trying to think through homework or working out for an hour.

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Many people on campus are likely experiencing some effects of dehydration. These include, but are not limited to, fatigue, headaches and dizziness. Combine this with a lack of sleep, and you end up with a student struggling to focus and perform at the mental level they need to be productive.

These symptoms are also bound to make students feel unmotivated to exercise from the lethargy they are feeling all throughout the day, in addition to the muscle fatigue they are likely feeling.

Dehydration can have serious effects on your actual health, but it can also affect your motivation, ability to focus and ability to perform your best both mentally and physically.

An easy way for any student to rectify the troubling effects of dehydration is to buy a plastic or metal reusable water bottle. Much better than any disposable plastic water bottle, a BPA-free or metal reusable water bottle can save you hundreds of dollars each year in disposable bottles, is less harmful to the environment and is much safer for your health because the plastic in disposable water bottles can leak chemicals when left in heat for an extended period of time. Almost every building on the Wake Forest campus has convenient water bottle refilling stations, and water is permitted in almost all classrooms, unlike sports drinks or sodas. Frequent sips of water during a long class or study sessions in the library are sure to help you refocus and wake up.

Another important benefit of buying a water bottle is staying hydrated during the winter months. During the winter, it is very easy for students to forget to stay hydrated because the days aren’t as hot, and cooling off with something cold isn’t usually a top priority. Having a water bottle with you is an easy way to remind yourself to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Something as simple as buying a reusable water bottle can result in a multitude of benefits. By staying hydrated, you feel and perform better, and by reusing a water bottle, you save money and the environment.

Who knew spending $10 could save you hundreds of dollars, many headaches and hours lost to feeling fatigued and unfocused?

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