Feel-good fitness fashion is in this fall

Feel-good fitness fashion is in this fall

Athletic fashion brands are focusing on offering fitness attire that is comfortable and stylish enough for everyday wear.

As college students, putting on jeans and a cute top for an early class can seem more strenuous than sitting through the actual lecture. There is nothing better than rolling out of bed for an 8 a.m. lecture, throwing on athletic clothes and looking fashionable while doing it.

Healthy is in. Looking like you’re on your way to a workout is in style, even if you never step inside a gym. Fitness fashion has reached campus, and girls everywhere could not be happier.

Instead of a sundress and sandals, college students embrace the style of workout gear. Sporty accessories have redefined fashion. Switch out ripped jeans for floral leggings. Forget the silk shirts, and embrace the sweat-resistant tank tops and stylish sports bras.

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There is nothing wrong with wearing athletic clothes and feeling good.

Not only does fitness fashion bring comfort to the classroom, it also promotes healthy lifestyles. If matching shoes and sports bras gives you the motivation to hit the gym instead of watching Netflix, embrace it.

Style and discomfort need not go together any longer. Feeling good about yourself and your health sends off positive vibes and energy. What accessory is better than a smile on your face?

For those who still want to wear the new dress they just bought but also want to take part in the new trend, fitness fashion does not require head-to-toe LuluLemon. While some people may embrace the full workout gear outfits, others may choose to incorporate accessories into their day-to-day looks.

For instance, a normal t-shirt dress can be paired with New Balance shoes, making the look both sensible and fashion-forward. Those speed walks across campus do not have to lead to blisters and Band-Aids from stiff sandals.

Incorporating fitness fashion elements with dressier clothes can make an outfit feel sporty and put together at the same time. Outfits do not need to follow a strict set of rules — participate in the trend while also mixing from other styles.

Because of this fitness surge, brands like S’well and HydroFlask have been on the rise. Water bottles are another workout accessory that have turned into a fashion statement.

Both brands sell bottles marketed to keep water cold for up to 24 hours. College students can go from class to the gym, all while keeping their water cool.

S’well comes in unique patterns such as metallic gold, adding to the fitness trend while staying fashion-friendly. These water bottles are (almost) as common as backpacks on a college campus. Complete your perfect workout look and stay eco-friendly with a fashion-forward water bottle.

Whether you’re completely embracing the fitness fashion and decking out in workout clothes or simply incorporating a decorative water bottle and sporty shoes into an everyday outfit, workout clothes have entered the radar of popular brands everywhere. As the trend continues, more name brands begin to enter the fitness scene.

Whether you are on board or not, workout gear is taking over fashion. Throw on your workout clothes and Nike shoes, and grab your decorative water bottle and head to your 8 a.m. class in comfort.

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