People need to speak up and make a change

People need to speak up and make a change

Lost in between the roads of differences, humanity finds itself standing at the intersection of indifference, hopelessly seeking, but not always following, the path toward global action for the betterment of human rights.

Elie Wiesel once claimed that indifference is  “a strange and unnatural state in which the lines blur between light and darkness, dusk and dawn, crime and punishment, cruelty and compassion, good and evil.”

In other words, the act of a bystander is far worse than a response of any kind, for it only contributes to the problem at hand.

In a democratic state, government is the result of a social contract, in which citizens naturally transfer some rights to enjoy others.

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However, when the government fails to protect those rights, it is the duty of citizens to change the government and legislate as the supreme power under the rights granted by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The First Amendment allows citizens  the right of freedom of expression and therefore enables us to respond to injustice. The response, whether positive or negative, is critical to raise awareness of injustice that continues to occur on a global scale.

The infringement upon the natural rights of humanity stimulates the formation of political groups, thereby igniting a social movement, which then leads to progressive change through the actions of the democratic state.

Society fails to acknowledge the natural rights granted to others by not taking advantage of the rights granted to citizens, thereby violating the foundation of freedom in which we are provided.

Today, African Americans are fighting police brutality and larger levels of incarceration through the Black Lives Matter Movement which strives to achieve police reform and equality by means of protest.

The movement formed in response to the death of Trayvon Martin. Now, after the death of Keith Scott and the tragedy that struck Charlotte, North Carolina, it is time to utilize the right of expression to advocate for change and shape the course of human history.

It is time to challenge the citizens of the U.S. to uphold the right of expression. Together, we can achieve of justice on a global scale.

It is time for humanity to strengthen the weak, encourage the needy and ignite hope in those who desire change.

Although the intersection of indifference crosses between the journey toward good and evil, light and darkness, it is time that humanity unites as one, so together; we can all make a difference.

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