Donald Trump encapsulates evil and is unfit for president

Donald Trump encapsulates evil and is unfit for president

In 2008, Barack Obama was elected president, and incredible political and social movements took hold.

The first African American and the most progressive president our country has seen in many decades championed unprecedented advances in LGBT rights, climate regulation and healthcare.

Indeed progress, but, another movement crept out from the hole it once lay: the Tea Party. This far-right conservative group supports small government and very low taxes.

It vigorously opposes immigration, LGBT rights, women’s rights, voting rights (particularly for minorities), government sponsored healthcare, climate regulation and numerous other decidedly “pro-human” oriented laws and policies.

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While it shares conservative viewpoints, many of its members support racism, and bigotry, or at least do nothing to discourage it. This element of the Tea Party shares ideas with, and support from, the KKK and Neo-Nazis to boot.

This development is an example of how progress has been met with staunch and self-righteous backlash.

Much of this resistance cloaks itself as political but when the smoke clears and the curtains are drawn, all that stands is utter racism, bigotry and sexism.

Enter Trump. He is a product of the resistance.

This election is so difficult because it comes down to such deeply moral issues.

The election has strained relationships for me and many others and rightfully so. Simply put, I believe that Trump is a bigot.

However, I want to be clear that I do not believe that if you support Trump,  you are  a racist, a bigot or whatnot.

But I do think that if you support Trump, you are endorsing an individual who constantly espouses ignorance, indifference and aggression to virtually every group other than the white male.

You are sweeping vital social issues under the rug and unwittingly supporting a candidate that makes racist remarks and encourages sexist behavior.

Many Trump supporters I have spoken to simply turn a blind eye to his blatant racism, or deny it altogether. Simply denying that this demagogue is racist is to live with eyes wide shut. It is to live in ignorance, and ignorance to racism is unacceptable.

Forget income taxes, forget climate change, forget the impending WWIII and ask yourself: can I really support someone who has made his fortune on exploiting immigrants? On prejudiced selling practices?

Can I support someone who spews sexist and racist rhetoric and hates half the country? A man who brags about sexually harassing women?

Can I really support this man for president? Can I support a hateful, spiteful, petty and feeble man to be a model for the world?

This election is about more than politics and parties. It is about prejudice verse progress.

I can empathize with the educated Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Communist, Anarchist, but I cannot empathize with those who blindly accept this man as good.

I cannot understand how loving husbands of our nation can believe this man to be fit for president or how the strong, proud women of this country can believe he has their best interests at heart.

Please, ask yourselves these tough questions, and you will know the truth. Donald Trump is dangerous, he is racist, and he is the encapsulation of evil.

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