Vote for Republicans

Vote for Republicans

After months of debates, rallies and seemingly never-ending news coverage, the election is finally upon us. Millions of Americans have already voted and with Nov. 8 upon us, it is time for each of us to make our choice.

Before making that critical choice, that we, in the U.S. are so fortunate to have, ask yourself a simple question. Do you want to be part of the solution? Or part of the problem?

If you answered “the solution,” then you already know who you should vote for. A vast majority of Americans feel Washington isn’t working for them, and they are right.

So in an election when we have a clear choice between more prolonging a broken system and a change, why pick more of the same?

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The Wake Forest College Republicans proudly endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

While Trump is not a well-groomed, perfect politician, his tenacity and ideas are exactly what this country needs, not a corrupt, two-face, career politician.

Trump is a proven business man that has a record of completing difficult projects both under budget and ahead of schedule, but that is not the most important thing about Trump’s candidacy.

Trump is running for all Americans, while his opponent is running for herself and her special interests. He did not have to run for president, but he knew that it takes an outsider to fix our broken political system.

Despite what his opponents would argue, Trump’s campaign represents a positive vision for America.

He has reached out to all Americans and believes there is a place for all law-abiding people in our country. He believes that America can once again be a safe place to live and a society that respects the rule of law.

He is also the only candidate in the race that knows what it takes to create jobs. Trump has opposed the disastrous trade deals long supported by his opponents that have hurt American workers.

If you are a voter who cares about the middle class, the choice is between a candidate who has enacted policies that have had detrimental consequences to American workers and someone who has long opposed these policies. Which one do you trust?

For conservatives, the choice could not be clearer. The next president will have the opportunity to appoint at minimum one Supreme Court Justice. If Trump is not elected, our Constitution and the very principles that this country is founded on are at stake.

With all of that in mind, we encourage all Wake Forest students to vote even if they do not agree with our opinion.

The ability to vote is not something that should be taken for granted, and we believe it is our duty to exercise our right.

We hope to see Wake Forest students out voting for Republican candidates at the top and bottom of the ticket. Best of luck to all Republicans across the country and happy voting to all.

By Joe Macy for College Republicans

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  • H

    Hermione GrangerNov 4, 2016 at 9:37 am

    “Trump is running for all Americans”

    Oh, Joe Macy. You’ve truly outdone yourself. Let me go ahead and remind you who he has explicitly pissed off:

    Latinos and latinas
    Black people
    Middle class folk
    Lower-income folk
    Immigrants, and immigrants’ families

    So when you say “Trump is running for all Americans”, I find that the correct edit to that would be: “Trump is running for all ridiculously ignorant, privileged white male Americans”