Students react to the election of Donald Trump


Heather Hartel

The election of President-elect Donald Trump was historic, largely unexpected and felt around the country. Students on campus had mixed reactions following the groundbreaking news.

The morning following Election Day was particularly telling of the spectrum of reactions on campus. Some students took to rolling to the quad to celebrate Trump’s victory, while others took to writing rhetorically anti-Trump messages in chalk on the quad.

The initial reaction by those opposed to his victory was disgust, horror and fear. Students shared their thoughts in a public demonstration on Friday, Nov. 11 in a peaceful protest on Manchester Plaza.

Taking turns sharing into a microphone, students explained why this election left them fearful or angry. Students held signs with messages like, “Trump is not my president,” “Love trumps hate” and “Black Lives Matter.”

However, other students reacted differently. This reaction, not necessarily only by those who supported Trump, is to accept his nomination and respect his new role as president.

As social media played an unprecedented role in this election cycle, its presence remained following the election. Many students took to Facebook and Twitter to share thier ranging opinions about accepting Trump as president or to speak out against his proposed policies.