Open Letter to President Hatch and Provost Kersh on the Koch Foundation

Open Letter to President Hatch and Provost Kersh on the Koch Foundation

Dear President Hatch and Provost Kersh,

We are writing because we are deeply concerned about Wake Forest’s decision to accept $3.69 million from the Koch Foundation towards funding the Eudaimonia Institute, overseen by executive director Professor James Otteson. In recent years, the mainstream press—including Time Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and The New Yorker—has well documented how the Koch Foundation has sought to influence higher education to suit their political purposes of advancing “free enterprise” and denying “climate change,” of hiring tenured and tenure-track faculty who share their political ideology, and of shaping teaching and the curriculum within universities.

As you know, an Ad Hoc Committee within the Faculty Senate has conducted an independent investigation into the Koch Foundation in general and its very real and likely potential to harm academic freedom, faculty governance, and the university’s integrity at Wake Forest, in particular. On March 15th, the Faculty Senate voted overwhelmingly against accepting funding from the Koch Foundation. The report concludes: “Given recent revelations about the Koch Foundation’s strategy and aims in higher education, it is our view that the University administration and Board of Trustees have the opportunity to reject this funding and thereby make a bold statement in defending the integrity and academic reputation of Wake Forest University.”

Whatever autonomy the Eudaimonia Institute may claim to have in pursuing academic inquiry and promoting the free exchange of ideas, two facts remain. First, the Koch Foundation has a particular political ideology it seeks to uphold by shaping institutions of higher learning. Second, the University’s decision to accept this money was made without the consultation and participation of the faculty.

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We, the undersigned, oppose the University administration’s decision to accept monies from the Koch Foundation. We believe this decision erodes our trust in the administration’s protection of the liberal arts and the humanities as the foundation of the University and its mission. And we remain committed to the notion that faculty should have full participation in the creation and approval of University institutes, particularly when institutes are funded by external sources.

We urge you to reject funding from the Koch Foundation.

Omaar Hena, Associate Professor of English, Class of 1999 (English)

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    tdaly29Jul 22, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Now Koch is after yet another university. Iowa State University.

    “I am reasonably confident that ISU won’t enter into an agreement
    that gives CKF too much leverage or influence on the scholarship,”
    Joshua Rosenbloom, chairman of the ISU Economics Department, wrote in a
    Dec. 2, 2016, email to economics professor Joydeep Bhattacharya.
    Bhattacharya had expressed anxiety in a Dec. 1 email to Rosenbloom about
    “getting on board a slippery slope with such an overtly political

    The Gazette obtained through an open records request
    nearly 200 pages of emails between ISU and the Koch Foundation about
    sponsorship of an academic program of study in economics. The records,
    for which ISU charged The Gazette $300, were heavily redacted, with some
    emails completely blacked out except for the greeting.

    What exactly does “gives CKF too much leverage or influence on the scholarship” mean? How much is permissible? Makes you wonder why emails between ISU and the Koch Foundation about sponsorship
    of an academic program of study in economics were heavily redacted,
    with some emails completely blacked out except for the greeting.

    Dr Otteson should provide the faculty the emails and other documents generated in the negotiations for the WFU / Koch agreement.

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    Omaar HenaApr 25, 2017 at 5:42 pm

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    Anonymous: Oppose the decision to accept monies from the Koch Foundation
    Kandace Hoppin

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    Omaar HenaApr 25, 2017 at 5:41 pm