The removal of the Old Gold Bowl will shake this campus

The removal of the Old Gold Bowl will shake this campus

Considering how fast paced and routine based millennials are, it surprises me how Moe’s Southwest Grill would change something as sacred as their menu.

But not just a name or an ingredient but a price. When a business changes the cost of something, they change everything. And for college students, money is a big deal. So when I first heard that the “burrito bowl” was no longer an Old Gold, I was shaking in anger.

How could Moe’s do this to us? While I don’t care for the burrito bowl, I know my friends and fellow Deacons do. Moe’s has betrayed us, or so I thought. After some in-depth research, I found out some info that shook my world. While I was thinking Moe’s has decided to play us, it turns out they were looking out for us all along.

After talking to staff who wanted to keep their names unknown, I found out the true story. It turns out the burrito bowl was actually never an Old Gold.

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“Somewhere in the past, there was some confusion and the bowl started being charged as an Old Gold.”

From what I was told, higher-ups at Benson caught wind of the mistake and they informed Moe’s that someone spilled the queso on the news. They were informed to immediately stop charging an Old Gold for the burrito bowl. With this news, the campus more or less fell apart in my eyes.

I have had to break the bad news to my closest comrades and I have seen the pain in their eyes. What about the students with no food dollars I ask? How are they supposed to get their Moe’s craving subdued? Must they now get an only a burrito? And then ask for a physically raft that resembles a bowl to put their burrito in? Oh wait, since it’s now in a bowl, it’s not an Old Gold anymore.

Why change it though? Why put students through the stress of change and the Moe’s employees through a change that will go against what they have been doing for so long? I assume its for money, I understand that this is just a assumption so don’t hold me on it but why else? Why else not just keep it an Old Gold?

Why does Benson want us to go through such pain? Why not just make the burrito bowl an Old Gold? Why does it even matter, I ask? Benson’s betrayal and lack of caring is obvious with this decision. So, I urge students to not boycott the wonderful establish Moe’s, for they have done nothing wrong. But to remember what Benson has done to us all. The pain I feel for the seniors who have been raised on the Old Gold Bowl is beyond imagination. But we must think beyond ourselves, think of the future classes of Wake Forest that won’t have the luxury of an Old Gold Bowl. All because of Bensons greed. We will not forget Benson. The golden age of Moe’s will come back one day, we must hope at least.

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