WFU Doesnt Support Yellow Ribbon Scholarship

WFU Doesn’t Support Yellow Ribbon Scholarship

Hello, I’m a 28-year veteran and have two children currently attending Wake Forest and I’d like to bring  to your attention a WFU policy that is prejudicial to veterans.

The Yellow Ribbon Scholarship is a four-year benefit for either the veteran or his immediate family.

The federal government caps their tuition benefit at $21,000, plus room, board and health insurance.

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It can be applied to trade schools, colleges and graduate programs.  Uniquely among the top 200 schools, Wake Forest does not participate at the undergraduate level.

It’s likely WFU is the only college in the country not participating in the Yellow Ribbon, but I don’t have the patience to search the entire Veterans’ Affairs website.

That’s astounding.   

Last year I wrote the Chairwomen of the Board Of Trustees, Donna Boswell, bringing her attention to what I felt must be an oversight, since surely no school wants to exclude veterans or their families from attending.

Three months later I received an email response from President Hatch’s office (Mary Pugel, his chief of staff) thanking me for my service and stating the school does not have the money to support Yellow Ribbon attendees.

Her gratitude for my service rang hollow.

So, I offer this information to you in the hope you will take it forward.  I’m reaching out to individual  board members this fall to bring this shameful policy into the light as well.


Peter Jannotta

Parent of ‘22 and ‘20

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