A Case For The Infamous Loco Drink, Four Loko

A Case For The Infamous Loco Drink, Four Loko

Imagine it is around 10 p.m. Thursday. You are starting to sip on a little something to alleviate the thirsty of said Thursday. In your mind, what are you drinking?

I assume for many of you who are 21 and up, it is a classic yet cheap vodka-based drink with a splash of vending machine Sprite, which is not going to sit well with the Moe’s Southwest Grill eaten earlier.

Me? I am slurping on my signature Four Loko with a splash of Red Bull. Now, before you throw judgement, I want you to just take a deep breath.

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I know, Four Loko has its stigmas and you have your preconceived notions of it, but for the sake of the article, give Four Loko and its many fresh and fruity flavors a chance.

Ever since I began to drink when I turned 21, I lusted for that Four Loko. I had dreams of getting “loko” with my friends and caressing that 24-ounce can lovingly.

Now the taste, while I agree it isn’t delicious per se, is is tolerable. For something that will get you zooted in just one can, I will accept a taste somewhat different from the delicious taste of the crème brulee Juul pod.

As someone who loves to dance, Four Loko gives me that extra boost to serve up the killer moves on the Last Resort dance floor. While I don’t need it, I’ve got to say it is mighty good at its job.

I wake up every day in a slightly different mood and salivating over something different. Maybe I will wake up Thursday thinking of a grape-flavored drink, or maybe a peach-flavored water-based concoction.

No matter the flavor my palate is in need of, Four Loko has it. With more than 14 flavors, if you really want to drink a Four Loko a day, you could have a unique one for two weeks straight. I don’t recommend this, of course, but if you are trying to get 56 Loko, I guess you do you.

I will say: when drinking, it is vital to be safe in consumption. I won’t say how much or what to drink considering all of our bodies are different, but do take care of yourself. Given Four Loko’s chaotic history, we know drinking it can be dangerous, so be safe.

Knowing this, I will say that adding in Red Bull will bring the taste to something truly mouthwatering.

I get it — adding the caffeine is dangerous, but that addition makes the mixed cocktail something as good, if not better, than anything Winston-Salem’s best mixologist could make.

Red Bull not your style? All good, there are countless other combinations of mixed Four Loko-based drinks.

I think it is vital that all of their diverse flavors are recognized. There are actually three categories that Four Loko is split into.

First we have the original set, the Camo series. In this set are the more traditional flavors such as: Red, Gold, Black, Sour Apple, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Peach, Grape and Strawberry Lemonade. These all come with 12 percent alcohol content.

Then come the big boys, the 14 percent alcohol content Blaze and Frost. While Blaze and Frost are slightly worse in taste, they will bring you a little more bang for your buck.

Speaking of price, Four Lokos are beautiful because of their cost efficency and value. While I could spend a whole paycheck and make a gin and tonic or splurge and buy a case of Yeunglings, I’d rather spend a quick two bucks on a Four Loko. In that two buckaroos, there is a whole night of fun and no regrets.

The Four Loko website is somewhat bare, but they do have a couple quotes which really demonstrate what a Four Loko means.

One quote reads, “Life is unpredictable and full of possibilities. Chance by chance, moment by moment, we thrive on fueling epic stories that make each night unforgettable. At Four Loko, we salute those who dare to live in the moment. Four Loko nights should be big, bold, and unexpected.”

I dare to live in the moment and have big, bold and unexspected nights so Four Loko is the drink for me. And it can be the drink for you, assuming you are 21 and up, of course.

With the liquid equivalent of two beers, it will shake you to your core with a diverse set of flavors equal to four or five beers. Given this, I recommend of course to only sip a Four Loko over a couple of hours to avoid binge-drinking. While I don’t always follow this advice, it is key that you take care of yourself when drinking. Even if you do want to get loco, don’t get too loco with too much Four Loko.

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