Throw Away All Your Chokers

Throw Away All Your Chokers

With a new year comes new attitudes, new beginnings, new styles and for some, a new wardrobe! According to INSIDER magazine, it’s time to get rid of your off-the-shoulder tops and ruffled wear. Some say that ruffles look childish and draw away from one’s true figure. Elle fashion magazine writes, “2019 is all about one shoulder and sexy, strapless looks.” Along with old habits, go ahead and chuck those cold shoulder blouses and transparent, plastic handbags.

It may be difficult, but fashion experts encourage parting with your beloved chokers this year, too. Chokers were first worn in ancient Mesopotamian and Greek civilizations but were brought back at the turn of the twentieth century. Like most jewelry at the time, chokers were meant to flaunt a woman’s wealth. However, they served a more practical purpose as well: to protect one of the most vulnerable areas of a woman’s body — her neck. Chokers made a fierce comeback in the 1990s and then again within the last couple of years. However, now in 2019, fashion experts say it’s their time to go.

INSIDER magazine also expresses their distaste for biker shorts, writing that the shorts have “overstayed their welcome.” Additionally, INSIDER critiques tiny sunglasses, pegging the design as “impractical.” A few have claimed that knee-high boots, stilettos and fanny packs have been left in 2018, but this is up for debate.

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According to Glamour magazine, 2019 is about wide-legged pants, feathers and oversized hats. With the new year comes “fancy flats,” leather and animal prints including leopard and snakeskin patterns. Glamour defines “fancy flats” as fringed, feathered or strappy sandals meant to replace towering heels. It seems like the 80s influence of neon, tie-dye, sequins and chunky earrings are here to stay. Additionally, puffy shouldered tops are the new shoulder-padded shirts from a few decades back. “Retro” brands such as Reebok and Adidas are more popular than ever. Get ready to see more and more fringe on everything and everyone. Fringe appears to be the theme of fashion right now, with pants, jackets, bags even shoes, containing aspects of it. Fringe adds a unique texture and depth to your outfit that not many other materials can do.

This spring, crochet is predicted to be the new rave. Not only is the material light and airy for the warm weather, but it adds character to your outfit. Find crochet in nearly every context: dresses, bags, tops and hats.

Stay up to date on this year’s fashion trends with Glamour, Elle, INSIDER and more.

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