Student Union Hosts aWake All Night


Emily Beauchamp

On Saturday, Jan. 26, Student Union held aWake All Night in Benson University Center as they do at the start of each semester. The theme of the event was “Jurassic Forest,” and students were able to enjoy food and to participate in fun activites like an egg hunt, karoake, Stuff-a-Bear and a game show.

Students participated in Stuff-a-Bear during the event on Saturday.
Sophomore Logan Richardson belts out a song from High School Musical during karoake. This was just one of the many fun activities offered during aWake All Night: Jurassic Forest.
Students played various versions of casino games throughout the night during the late-night event. Here, students relax while enjoying an exciting round of blackjack.
Freshman Christian Estrada works at the raffle table, which was a way for students to win prizes.
The virtual reality game was popular during aWake All Night. Here, a student tests out his skills.